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09-21-2010, 02:22 PM

Hurray … Eid is here.
We are Free.
We can now return back to our Daily Routine.

Is this what you just said to yourself after the Ramadhan got over ?
Then read on , this article is specially meant for you.

Eid is now over and we are busy meeting our family and relatives and giving them the Eid greetings.
But in doing so, how many of you bothered to pray the “zohar” (afternoon) Salat ?
How many of us prayed Asr / Magrib / Esha ?

Hey “Esha” , but ‘Taraweeh” is now over , isnt ?
Now who cares to go, we will just read it at home after this tv daily soap. We have truly missed so many episodes of our daily soap.
I truly need to catch up with the story.

Wait a sec my dear brothers (and sisters) , think.

During Ramadhan , why was it so easy to abstain from evil and do our Salat on time ?
Was it we are only Muslim during Ramadhan ?
Is it not because your good friend “Shaitaan” was not near you to fill your hearts with "waswas" that you could easily pray all 5 Salat on time ?

Think ?
If you have indeed changed after the Ramadhan then you have truly “Welcomed Back The Shaitaan”.

Hmmm,,, not me.
Why would anyone welcome the shaitaan and why would anyone call him a “good friend” when we all know it is he who would take us to hell ?

Now lets see and analyze for yourself.

Have you gone back to your old habbits ?
Backbitting , giving foul words , cheating , fighting ?

Do you now stare lustfully to other womens walking on the street.
Is watching Fashion TV and other Haraam things back on your "sin list" ?

Do you now get angry everytime your mothers tells you something to do ?

And yes Salaats.
Asr : I am in office , cannot pray.

Magrib : I am driving home , inshallah I will pray once I reach home.

Esha : Yes I will surely pray after I finish my meal and watching tv.

Fajr , did not hear the alarm clock. Sorry + I will read once I get up for my office.

Do you know that its “good friend” (shaitaan) who sleeps next to you and ties knot around your head making it difficult for you to wake for fajr.

During Ramadhan, we prayed "tahajjud" Salat during nights , now why does it appear like a huge task as if we are told to climb the mountain. Its because Shaitaan knows tahajjud is the time when Allah SWT Himself says "is there anyone praying at this time of the hour, if yes I will answere his prayers" , so Shaitaan tricks us and makes our bed comfortable and cozy so that we will not leave the bed and pray.

During Ramadhan, we protected our eyes from committing zina by not looking at non-mehram ladies. Its was because of our will power and fear of Allah swt, we could achieve.
But now are you back to the old routine ? Doesnt that mean the fear of Allah SWT has gone and you now trust your good friend (shaitaan)more ?

These are just few of the examples and if answer to even one of them is "true" then.. you have indeed Welcomed Back The Shaitaan.

Dont you know that on the Day of Judgement , it would be you who would be answerable to everything you did ?
That time your supposedly “good friend” (shaitaan) wont be standing next to you to answere your test ?

Choice is all yours... Either welcome your good friend (shaitaan) and stay and doom yourself in hellfire or Summit your will to Almight Allah SWT and ask protection from Shaitaan.


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09-23-2010, 12:38 PM
Sad but true :(

10-06-2010, 09:45 AM
Yes i know its very sad.....

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