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Muslim Woman
09-26-2010, 06:13 AM
Salaam Alaykum

got this mail today.


Important Announcement

May My Life & Honour be Sacrificed for you O Messenger of Allah!

The Committee in Defence of the Honour of the Messenger Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, invite you to attend an emergency conference with the theme of “May My Life & Honour be Sacrificed for you O Messenger of Allah”.

To be held on:

Sunday 26th September
2pm – 5pm
Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park

This event is being held in order to denounce the hate speech and crimes committed by the Shi’ite cleric Yasir Al-Habeeb in his recent attack upon the dignity and honour of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (saw). This slanderous and insulting behaviour took place during a recent ceremony he organised, held on 27th August 2010/17th Ramadan 1431H and was dedicated to levelling the most heinous false accusations and slander towards the Mother of the Believers and wife of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Aa’isha, May Allah be Pleased with Her. The disgraceful event was held to mark, as Yasir Al-Habeeb called it, “a commemoration of the destruction of the enemy of Allah, the leader of the women of the Hellfire, the one who was condemned from above the seven heavens, now hanging by her legs deep in the Hellfire.” He also quite clearly labelled her as a “corrupt”, na’udhubillah.

We condemn strongly these false accusations for indeed he has described her with the most evil of descriptions and levelled upon her the greatest of slanders when in fact she was the most chaste, virtuous, pure and upright of women. She is the one for whom Allah revealed verses 11-20 of Surah An-Noor in the Qur’an absolving her of the false accusation of adultery, a lie spread by the hypocrites. So how dare one comes now over a thousand years later and accuse her of this crime again? Does not Yasir Al-Habeeb know this is not only an insult towards Aisha, but also to the Messenger of Allah who took her as his wife as well as Allah who defended her honour in face of the false accusations that Yasir Al-Habeeb now so brazenly accuses her of?

Given the seriousness of this matter and the great consequences such a crime has on the Muslim community here in Britain and abroad, The Committee in Defence of the Honour of the Messenger (saw) calls on all Muslims, men and women, to attend this conference to defend the honour of the Prophet (saw) and his wife (ra).

A group of scholars and advocates will speak at this conference to demonstrate the magnitude of the offence committed by the Shi’ite cleric Yasir Al-Habeeb.

For more details contact:

Mobile 07405649146
Email info@mdhprophet.co.uk

Website www.mdhprophet.co.uk

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09-27-2010, 04:52 PM
Allah Ki lanat ho us per jo suhaba or suhabiyat (RA) ma say ksi ki touheen karey....

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