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11-03-2010, 03:53 AM

i nicked the title from a review of this, History of Christianity in the Reformation Era:


the review concludes:

There is enough craziness, and enough blood and gore, to satisfy anyone. This is one of those cases where truth is stranger than fiction. Which is probably one reason why their religious descendent’s prefer to gloss the whole thing over. As with any objective religious history, nobody comes out looking very good
from Catholic Humanism and Erasmus up to the 30 Years War and the English Civil War & Restoration in the mid 1700's, Professor Professor Brad S. Gregory introduces you into the Christian Reformation and it's consequences, like over 7 Million dead, a loss of prestige for the Pope, not to mention nearly half the Continent going "Protestant!" no wonder they don't teach this stuff in High School!

this course is highly recommended for anyone seeking knowledge on this pivotal time in "Christianity," Prof Gregory's preparation was remarkable [if lacking somewhat in the graphics arena]. by the end of the era it's not even Catholic vrs Protestant even! Catholic France joins the fray AGAINST the Holy Roman Empire, and for all the vim and vigor of the early reactionaries most of the Protestant Nations end up being Protestant "lite!"

it's a bewildering course and Prof Gregory does his best to show all sides, including the Catholic. in fact, i can't figure out what "kind" of Christian he is!

you kind of end up "rooting" for the Calvinists [as TRUE reformers] and wonder what the heck happened to the Lutherans [can't we all just get along], and who can't get enough of the Catholics [quick, there's a heretic, kill him!] burning everyone at the stake! Power, Power, Power! in fact so much power is wielded and abused in the name of religion that in the end, Secularism is preferred by most all, even Catholics! i mean why leave something as important as religion up to the Pope![and i might be Catholic, but i'm still King!]

after the first 6 lectures took a detour with, Other 1492: Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Making of an Empire:


Professor Ruiz paints such a stark picture of politics and religion that one reviewer rails:

my dissatisfaction boils down to this: Ruiz exudes an overpowering sense of dislike/disdain/aversion to all things Christian or Western.
it actually helped as you understand that "Spanish" Emperor/Kings are into power and thus rarely compromise, even if it means losing territory, such as the Netherlands.

"Convert or die" is TRULY the mark of Christians, more-so Catholics and you'll wonder how they ever made this apply to the Muslims!

the prices are outrageous, but i only buy on sale. got the Reformation for $100 and the Other 1492 was a steal at $30.

btw, Professor Harl's new course, Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire was sweet!



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