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12-31-2010, 05:05 PM
Salaam all

If any 1 is aware I have been having trouble with my level of sincerity with my deen lately and performing salahs. Insh im just trying to be patient and try to do my salahs and just pray Allah swt guides me to the truth.

I wanted to ask the forum members on here if Islam permits studying other faiths. Since my spiritual awakening when a family member passed away recently I have realized my lack of knowledge of my own faith, ISLAM, and also other religions. I hate being ignorant and this feeling came over me that since i know about chritianity and know that I cannot possibly be in such a faith then how about juddhaism? I am in no way rethinking Islam as my heart tells me this is an absolute perfect religion that is logical where it needs to be and just fits with my own humanitarian views. However, I just have this nagging feeling that makes me want to see all religions for what they are as opposed to never looking or intentionally avoiding other religions as I have been kind of raised to be. I believe avoiding things just brings up more curiousity and makes you feel worse. I wanted to find out if forum members felt that learning other religions basic beliefs has stregthened their own deen. I believe it has for me. My very brief encounter with juddhaism just exposed to me the unfairness of the systme regarding converts, surely any true faith should be open to all willing believers without hesistation, as I have found with the beautiful deen of islam.

I hope I havent committed a step of disbelief by being curious about these other faiths. Being raised and born in a muslim home alhmadulilah as I wouldnt of had it any other way has just made me kind of feel that I shouldnt be doing such actions. Im not sure the islamic ruling for this and if indeed I have committed disbleief in any form. I believe Islam is the truth and it makes sense but isnt comparing allowed in Islam even when one believes if the hope is to strengthen one's deen or to be a truth seeker? I just want to fully committ myself to islam without any nagging thoughts that I am ignorant on other faiths,etc

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

W.s to u all

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