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01-02-2011, 05:48 PM
There are of course a lot in the media trying to make fun out of receiving virgins.

Would like to say;-

1. What do they think that the reward in the next world is just objects?? It is also for the company of people, not just walls and clothes and food. Of course we are going to be talking to people and enjoying their company.

2. What do you think that Allah would provide in Paradise? Prostitutes, of course they are Virgins or women who have done well in this world.

3. Even Mothers around the world prefer their sons to get married to decent women! They are critical if they have been lewd-so would they be making fun out of their Mothers asking their sons to get married to “good“ women??

Some have been saying that they want Virgins as they are embarrassed physically-well that is just plain wrong, when is it normal to seek out prositutes and marry them and to have children with? Its looks like the other way round that they cannot find a decent female. Some say they like to be with a person who has sexual experience-well that just stupid-how long does it take to get experience?? So they are again happy to treat people like *****s and tell them its a good thing rather then wait till they get married. They call Muslims oppressive as we don't want our daughters to hang around in nightclubs and sit naked on beaches-wow they are so oppressed because they are not allowed to be lewd-of course what utter nonsense. Its were some females are saying its oppressive to dress modestly-I mean of course its stupid-your actually going to try and say its oppressive because your parents are telling you to wear clothes? Of course the way of Satan, is always stupid. They can all stand naked together when they are sent to Hell and they'll certainly know what humiliation is.

4. They treat their Virgins like this-they tell her its normal to dress lewd, and go to nightclubs and lose your virginities to drunken, irresponsible Males, even to boys who haven’t finished going through puberty -now how dumb is that?? They treat Muslims as if we don’t care of our daughters, are they saying that all of the Muslim parents don’t care for their daughters??? Of course we are only going to accept to have sex after marriage, we are not going to accept its normal for young people to come back in the early hours of the night. Accepting lewd behaviour as the norm, it used to be that their previous generations of “teenagers” as they call them-were treated as young adults and were responsible hard working, but now its normal for them to be lewd.
5. Its OK for them to tell their daughters to walk around naked on beaches, so telling them its OK to be lewd, in the past a Man would know if he had a virgin’s permission to have sex with by her silence, but they are teaching them its OK to be naked in front of their parents, other boys. I am not here to give a biology lesson on what a woman’s body looks like to young boys, how uncomfortable it is to even sharing the same pools as others. Even we are taught to be decent in front of other women, how lewd, acting as devils having sex in public, in the habit of talking about what they do in private to others, disgusting!

6. This is not embarrassing issue to us who do they think the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him should get married to a *****??? Its OK for them talk about freedom of women-they claim they respect women’s rights when they don’t always get married to them.

People complain if they have more then one wife-you cannot complain as the women consented to getting married to the Man knowing full well he is already married!!! So they have no case, nothing! They are happy to having children with different people, and how many females I have seen that actually fight over Males knowing full well he is involved with someone else-why don’t they complain about that instead?

7. As Allah stated in the Quran we are the best people ever raised, we forbid evil and enjoin good. We don’t accept evil, and before anyone says which has been covered on my other threads, its not about being judgemental-Allah has already given us the rules that we have to follow, I don’t have to go to Heaven to ask Allah if lewd behaviour is wrong, as he has already told us! We have the TRUTH, the Prophet Noah peace be upon him did NOT say he “may” know the truth, or a little but Islam IS the TRUTH. The right way.

No one would be happy if the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him’s wife was walking around being lewd, showing her breasts, legs in public etc-EVERYONE can see that is NOT good and right, neither is it acceptable for her to share bathing pools with other Males.
Follow up from the Evil Society thread.

Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement thread.

Sister h-n

Won’t be replying as thread would just be derailed anyway.

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01-02-2011, 07:09 PM
Asalaamu Alaikum,

This is a good article regarding this; http://www.answering-christianity.co...sed_houris.htm

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