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01-12-2011, 07:49 PM

We would like to share some memorable moments from The Raid of the Mongols course that took place over this weekend in Manchester. InshaAllah we can all ponder over the value of beneficial knowledge. So as the snow falls (up and down the UK), snuggle up and enjoy these POWs, there's plenty to come.

The more I know, the more I realise how little I know

The first and foremost role of the Khalifah is to ensure Islam is being implemented

The Sunnah of Allah - when there is a leader who is not qualified to lead, He will replace with another

Resistance is cheaper than treachery

Life without freedom is no life at all

Much Islamic work is ruined because of obsession with results. Rather the message in the Qur'an is to your part and leave the rest to Allah

Whenever a condition is met the result will happen - this is the Sunnah of Allah subana wa ta'ala

Information without follow-on practical ways to put them into action is useless

The best of us are those who care AND act AND their actions are positive

Good leaders don't hide behind people, they get out and fight. Consists of bravery and persistance

Stop being ignorant and only thinking about yourself. Think about your religion for once

Democracy was first implemented by the muslims at the time of the Khulafa-ar-Rashideen - Abdur Rahman ibn Awf asked the people who they prefer Uthman ibn Affan or Ali ibn Abi Talib? The people chose Uthman, even though Ali was the cousin of the prophet (salallahu alayhi wassallam)

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