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View Full Version : This ache of my heart; I don`t know when to be cured and healed !!!

Amat Allah
01-28-2011, 02:11 PM
I don`t know how many people feel like this...but it is really aching the heart seeing those misguided people who think and are really sure that they are on the right path while they are walking day by day towards the warth of Allah and hellfire...from Muslims and Non...

what to do else than reminding them and making Duaa for them?

you feel so useless and helpless when they reject blindly the way to Allah and you just burst into tears sad...

whats wrong with you? open your eyes for Allah`s sake and see the truth it is clear and easy to be understood and found... there are many proofs what are you waiting for?

for Allah`s sake hellfire is not a beautiful place...

I am sad to death, I know that guidance is in Allah`s hands but still it makes you feel so down and blue seeing people like this especially when you see them laughing happy then you start wonder, are they going to be happy later? and make Duaa O Allah guide them before standing before you in the Day of Judgement...

Ya Rabbi, I am begging you with all the humiliation in the world please Allah guide us all to you Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Wa aalahi there is no happiness but in being a slave and servant of Allah and the greatest happiness on this earth is when you put your forehead on the floor in full humiliation for your Lord the One Who Created you; praising Him and begging Him to accpet you to Be pleased with you and keep you firm on His way till you meet Him...many people are deprived from this from Muslims and Non..alas!

there is no god but Allah The One Who created us and the whole world to worship Him alone and worship non but Him...Laa Ilaha Illa Allaaah and indeed Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and all messengers and prophets) is His messenger in spite of all...no matter how you reject and deny...

wake up for Allah`s sake, open your eyes widely and see open your ears and hear carefully before you enter the dark grave...

May Allah guide us, O Allah guide us Ameeeen

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01-28-2011, 03:41 PM
Sweet sister Amat Allah, I think it is a special gift to feel pain and sadness on behalf of the lost and misguided. It may not be an easy path to walk, but I think it is God-given and not everybody is called to it.

I think all you can do is pour your heart out to God and pray for those he has put on your heart.
God knows your intentions and he will honour the love and worry you have for those around you.

But also learn to not feel guilty when you cannot persuade others to change their ways. You can only show them through word and deed - but their decision is their own. Their free-will to choose their own path is also God-given.

Allahu Alim

May God be pleased with all you do, may he love you, protect you and bless you!

01-28-2011, 04:09 PM
You are such a sweetheart :wub: may Allah bless you.
It is sad but at the same time it is the will of Allah. He leads who he wishes to the straight path the only thing you can do is pray to Him to guide those who are astray and try to help them along the way.
We must pray for those who are on the straight path as well bc there are people who devote their life to pleasing Allah and seeking His rewards but near their end they may do something to anger Allah and end up in Hell-Fire.
May Allah make the trails in this life and the hereafter easy on all of us.

01-28-2011, 05:17 PM
Subhanallah.Such a golden heart you have.Amen to all your doaa's and May He swt save you from every grief and sorrow.Amen.

Amatallah,my dearest,the beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW love mankind so much and he tried his best to invite people towards the right path but even unable to change the heart of his own Uncle.Prophet Noah AS was unable to direct his son to the right path.The hidayah,straight path is a gift and no one can bless other with the right path unless Allah swt guide them.The only thing we can do is to pray.Make doaa for all mankind and dont worry about those who are following the wrong path.They choose this way for themselves and they deserve punishment.

May Allah swt guide us all and save us from his anger.Amen.

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01-28-2011, 07:03 PM
Masha'Allah, its great of you to pray for others sis and yes it is a duty for us to make an effort, but remember there is only so much we can do and at the end of the day all guidence is from Allah

But look around you, don't you see a reform amongst muslims? I'm noticing a big change, loads are more curious about islam, loads are slowly changing their ways - acknowledging whats right/wrong - becoming more practisin

At the masjid and in town I'm seeing more and more reverts to islam Alhamdulillah, more and more youth turning up to masjid

Alhamdulillah there is a change going on, we can do our bit by giving the naseeha and spreading the daw'ah and acting like proper muslims

01-28-2011, 09:54 PM
Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow ? (18:06)

Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed. (18:07)

Salaam sister... even the Prophet (saw) when under stress was informed by Allah (swt) not to worry and grieve over those who want to remain heedless. The best as Muslims you and i and all others can do is, just spread the Message and Guidance comes only to those who will to be guided.

01-29-2011, 12:54 AM
I know it can be upsetting when people refuse to listen. It frustrates me just as much as it saddens you, if only because it's hard enough to force myself to stop trying in vain to reason with people over secular issues and almost always getting nowhere with anyone. We have to learn to accept it when we're powerless and take solace in the fact that not only may people come around eventually, at least what happens to them will be justice if they don't, and justice is a very good thing.

01-29-2011, 04:29 AM
You are not the only one sister. but I truly do admire your pain for others. It is hard for me to see one of my siblings making any kind of moral/religious mistakes. It's hard for me to watch my friends and total strangers do it. But the only thing we can do is pray? I know I do not do my namaz, like I should, but I do know that I pray almost all the time. Your emotions and pains for others can be viewed as one of the most sweetest and sincerest things.
May Alla be with you.
My sincerest love,

Amat Allah
01-29-2011, 05:22 AM
I don`t know what to say but All Praise and Blessings be to Allah The One Who blessed me with such amazing brothers and sisters like you...Wa Allahi I feel like I am with my real family here where I can find who shares with me the same feelings , interests and goal which is Allah...love you all for the sake of Allah ...

I know what is in the Qur`aan about this matter and Allah knows what is in my heart and why...Allah Is able to guide all humanity and Jinn but He doesn`t want to force anyone but gave us all the free choice and showed us right from wrong and what we will gain when following each one of those two paths so, Allah Is Just in punishing those who followed the wrong way cause he allready had showed us and warned us...and also promised those who will follow His commandments and avoid sining of the Paradise and encouraged us sooo much through describing it and many of things inside of it which we will never ever imagine...

I never meant to change others ways and never meant to only convert others to Islam more than showing them the way of guidance and happiness and the way to Allah...when you see those people kindness you start remebering grave and hellfire torments thinking about them and that no goodness you do in earth would benefit you if not submitting yourself to The One and worship Him alone believing in all of His books messengers prophets angels hellfire Paradise and fate, feeling sorry for them and pray ya Allah help them to find you Ameeeen, I can`t help it laa ilaha illa Allah...May Allah guide us all Ameeen...

and yes that what relieves pain; seeing those whom found their ways to Allah and see the true happiness comfort and peace in their eyes Sub`haan Allah...

indeed this life is a challenge full of leasons and tests and patience is the key to go on and walk in your way...May Allah ease it for us and keep us firm on His path Ameeeeen

Alhamdulilah that I am a Muslim and may Allah never prevent us all from being His slaves and servants and not for other than Him Ameeeen

01-29-2011, 05:38 AM
Allah O akbar, mashallah its v.nice feeling.

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