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01-29-2011, 06:27 AM
i am starting this thread with the inspiration from the thread "Wasting Time is worse than Death! " by brother Hamza.
alhumdullaih i pray five times a day, recite Quran, try to avoid sins. one approach is i say its ok and my life is not going in vain.
but the other approach is, i think is there any way i make it more useful.... i mean the thrist that i make it more and more useful. like we think for our income and earning, everyone is wondring how can he get more and more. so what do u think is the best way to utilize this...???

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Amat Allah
01-29-2011, 01:37 PM
Wa Alikum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

the best way utilize this is different from one to another, I see it in working hard to help others for Allah`s sake as long as helping them is pleasing Allah means: lawful according the Qur`aan and Sunnah...

Hamza Asadullah
01-30-2011, 06:15 AM
format_quote Originally Posted by tigerkhan
i am starting this thread with the inspiration from the thread "Wasting Time is worse than Death! " by brother Hamza.
alhumdullaih i pray five times a day, recite Quran, try to avoid sins. one approach is i say its ok and my life is not going in vain.
but the other approach is, i think is there any way i make it more useful.... i mean the thrist that i make it more and more useful. like we think for our income and earning, everyone is wondring how can he get more and more. so what do u think is the best way to utilize this...???
Asalaamu Alaikum,

Unfortunatley many of us waste a lot of time eachday and do not have any proper balance in our lives. This results in one wasting years and even decades of our lives only realising the amount of time we have wasted once a significant amount of our time has already gone. Therefore the time to act is now as there may not be a tomorrow! The seconds that are wasted today will never be regained for eternity.

Therefore we must try to prioritise what is most important to us and what will benefit us in the long term. We must also have a proper balance in our lives so that we are fulfilling our duties throughout the day as well as spending time in the worship of Allah. If the Hereafter is for eternity and this world is only a very short amount of time then surely we must put more in much more investment into that which will last forever rather than into this life which can end at any second and is only such a short amount of time.

What we can do to try and maximise each day in terms of pleasing Allah and also fulfilling our daily suties like work, study etc is to draw up a daily plan which will include realistic targets that we can set ourselves in order to try and achieve them therefore getting more out of our days. We need to make sure it is realistic so we can stick to it and not disregard it after a few days. This plan will also add structure to our day and in it we can also include limits and targets which we can try and achieve each day.

Here is what we can include in our daily plan:

1. In this plan we should include what we need to do in our day as in our daily duties like work, study etc. If you are studying then put in the times you are at school/college or University. If you are working then put in your work hours. Include in the plan for example how much studying we will do.

2. If one analyses ones day and realises that a few things need to be limited like the amount of time we are spending on the internet or on video games and other things which are of no real benefit then we should try and eradicate them from our lives. If this is too difficult then one should at least put very strict timings in the daily plan for example how long we will spend each day on the internet and online. How long we will spend playing video games and other recreational activities.

We need to try and put in realistic time limits and make sure to stick to the limits set. Be firm on yourself that you cannot waste anymore of your life and precious seconds and that you need to get a grip of yourself before anymore of your precious time is wasted.

3. Include in the daily plan the amount of worship that you aim to do each day. Again this should be realistic enough for you to do it everyday. It is best to build up slowly and gradually rather than a big jump to a lot of worship straight away. Set targets which will gradually lead to an increase of daily worship.

4. Include in the daily plan how much Qur'an you aim to recite each day. For example one juz, half a juz or even one page:

The Virtues of the Qur'an: http://www.islamicboard.com/quran/13...ues-quran.html

5. In regards to prayers then men must try their best to pray all 5 obligatory prayers at the Masjid. Prayers for men at the Masjid are rewarded many times more than if a man prayed at home. They must try to do wudhu at home and then every step is rewarded to the Masjid. or one can drive if the Masjid is far.

Sunnah's and nafils can be prayed at home. For women they get the same reward for praying their Fard Salaah at home. The more prostrations a person does in their life then the more closer to Allah they will become and more reward they will gain in the hereafter. Therefore ensure all of the Sunnah's are prayed and also include in the daily plan how many Nafils you will try to pray each day like for eg. Salaatul Duhaa, Salaatul Tahajjud etc:

VERY Rewarding Nafl Salaahs we can Pray Everyday: http://www.islamicboard.com/worship-...-everyday.html

6. Also increase the amount of Dhikrullah (rememrance of Allah) which is done each day. The more we remember Allah the more Allah remembers us and the more our imaan increases and peace and blessings we recieve in our hearts and in our lives. In the hereafter we will regret the seconds we wasted without remembering Allah! So let us increase in remembering Allah.

So set yourself realistic targets of how much Dhikr you will try to do each day for example 1000 dhikr or 500 etc:

Easy Dhikr which is light on the tongue but heavy on the scales!: http://www.islamicboard.com/manners-...vy-scales.html

7. We should also increase ourselves in learning knowledge because it is the best of all worship. So include in the daily plan how much knowledge you will try to gain each day like listening to one Islamic lecture a day or reading Qur'an translation or biography of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) etc and put in the plan how much you will read like one page, two pages etc.

Include in the plan that you will learn at least one dua a day: Fortress of the Muslim:


8. Also include that you will try and learn and implement one Sunnah a day into your daily life for what better way to live everyday than to live everyday like our beloved Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) lived: Beautiful Sunnah's To Do Everyday:


9. And try and learn as much of the Qur'an as you can especially if one is young because it gets harder the older one gets. We should try and have as much of the Qur'an in our hearts as possible. So set yourself a realistic target for example that you will learn at least one Ayah a day of the Qur'an.

10. Also set yourself targets for how you can better yourself as a person like for example, reduce swearing, lying, helping parents more, improving manners, thinking good about others etc. We should always be trying to better ourselves and improve our conducr, behaviour, characters etc. We should try and begin with a characterisitic which is the worst and work on it until we have succeeded in eradicating it and then move on to the next worst characterisitic. Then keep at it until you have eradicated it aswell and then set yourself another characteristic to improve. This should be an ongoing process until the end of ones life.

11. You can also include health plans like for example you will eat certain types of healthy foods or give up certain foods or habits which are not healthy and that you will do a certain amount of walking, jogging, gym daily etc

12. Also make a habit of reviewing yourself and what you have done and achieved in your day at the end of each evening. Then write down how you can improve yourself tomorrow and what steps you can take to do so etc.

It is crucial one makes a plan which is realistic and the targets are achievable as we know ourselves but one should also try to push oneself a little to try and achieve more. Allah loves consistency so even if the good deed is small but you do it everyday then it is better than doing a big good deed sometimes.

We must then internalise in ur minds that we need to fulfill this plan in order that we can maximise each and everyday and make the best of it doing everything in our daily lives to please Allah and refraining from anything that angers or displeases him.

Hope that helped inshallah. These two threads will also help you to make your daily plan which will benefit your health aswell as maximise the amount of worship you do everyday so that you may please Allah and get closer to him:

My Daily Ibadah (worship) check!


30 ways the youth should spend everyday of their lives!


The following articles will also help you to maximise to increase your imaan and help you draw up your plan and maximise the amount of good deeds you do everyday inshallah:

10 Steps to Increasing our Iman(Faith)

http://www.islamicboard.com/manners-...man-faith.html (10 Steps to Increasing our Iman(Faith))

10 steps to getting closer to Allah

http://www.islamicboard.com/manners-...ser-allah.html (10 steps to getting closer to Allah)

Forty Very Easy, Quick & Rewarding Good Deeds for all of us to do Everyday!

http://www.islamicboard.com/worship-...-everyday.html (Forty Very Easy, Quick & Rewarding Good Deeds for all of us to do Everyday!)

Wasting Time is worse than Death!


The Effects of Good deeds will remain forever!!!


Want to see the REAL appearance of Almighty Allah everyday?


Here are some very beneficial lectures to increase your imaan and fear of Allah:

AMAZING short speech -"The Goodly Life"


Remembrance: ask Allah for his forgiveness


Angel of Death!!! - Sheikh Ahmed Ali


HARD HITTING Lecture on HELLFIRE & the Day of JUDGEMENT! يوم القيامة والجحيم


Sheikh Ahmad Ali - Hellfire Talk Part 1/3


Sheikh Ahmad Ali - Hellfire Talk Part 2/3


Sheikh Ahmad Ali - Hellfire Talk Part 3/3


Islam - Punishment of the Grave by Sheikh Riyadh ul Haq


Death and the Grave by Murtaza Khan


How can we not appreciate what we have after watching this?


If you need anymore help and advice with anything at all then please do not hesitate to ask.

And Allah knows best in all matters

01-31-2011, 05:03 AM
Assalaamu Alaikum

Tiger, Bro, we can all do better. we all can and should improve from day to day. From a personal experience, even tho i feel i'm still not utilizing my time as best as i can, its a work in progress. We should never see the process as a station to reach, but rather a journey. Tazkiyah is a journey. So from my own experience, the best way i've found to fully value each minute, is to begin with the end in mind. Remember death, and ask yourself this question;

I'm Died, and standing in the day of Judgment waiting for my turn, and I am given a minute to come back to the Dunya, how would i utilize this minute?

After asking yourself this Question, write down the answers. What would you do? most certainly you'll be engaged in Ibadah right, with complete Ikhlas, sincerity. So now that you know the value of each minute, realize that in reality, to all of us death can come to us any minute, and each minute could be our last. So try living with the End, Akhirah, in mind. This Dunya and Shaytan will certainly distract us from this reality, so whenever you remember it, start from the end, ask yourself that question again, and act accordingly.

Now the next step is to seek the knowledge that will guide you and show you the best way you can utilize each minute. So continue reading the Quran, understanding its meaning, and studying the deen. I strongly advice two books you could start, which will insha'Allah help you utilize each minute. These books are, Hisnul-Muslim(The Fortress of the Muslim) and Riyad-us-Salihiin (Gardens of the Righteous). If you put them in google, you can find them online for free, but you are able, Insha'Allah buy them and read them at home. We should all have a personal library at home, no matter how small it is.

O Allah! Assist us in remembering You, in thanking You and in worshiping You in the best of manners. Ameen

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