View Full Version : Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'

03-28-2011, 10:50 PM

The link to this article was posted on Drudge. What do you think? I watched the video. Do you think the video is authentic? I don't mean, do you believe what the video is teaching, but rather do you think this is an authentic report?

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04-02-2011, 04:00 AM
Probably not. They claimed ahmadinejad said the holocaust was fake but all he said was the numbers don't add up. Then they said he was going to wipe Israel off the map or whatever when he said the things that Israel is doing will lead to a collapse of the zionist government.

04-02-2011, 06:48 PM
^ I don't believe the Iranian present will wipe Israel off the map, in a sense that he will use nukes. The Palestinians, Hamas and the al-Aqsa will be destroyed if nukes were used. I'm certain the Iranians do not want to see that happen.

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