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Dirt 101
05-18-2011, 03:06 PM
That would be:

Islamic faith
Christian faith
Hindu faith
Jewish faith

I say they might resemble: A football, a basketball, a soccer-ball, and a volleyball.

Different sizes, different colorations, different lacing and stiching, different materials, different manufacture techniques.
They have evolved their particular rules, uniforms, banners and colors, etc. etc.

We can argue endlessly the merits of our favorite, as well as pointing out the severe shortcomings of the others.
One is larger, one is better, one has better rules, one is too foreign, etc. etc.

This is the situation of most adherents of the world's major (and minor), religions. Fighting, arguing, insulting, and worse!
Has this not been the case for hundreds and thousands of years, as well as at this very moment?

Maybe we should remember... As in the case of the footballs and futbols... They all need and use the same identical air, (none are any good without it), and the point was to come together and enjoy a friendly sport, in which there are no angry or permanent losers... Rather, all can and must be winners in this game, which after all, is the game and challenge of life.

The point was love of the game and clearly understanding/outwitting/outplaying one's true adversary, not developing and acting-out a severe and totally misguided hatred for each other.
Hasn't such ignorance and hatred gone on for long enough by now?

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05-18-2011, 03:16 PM
your forgetting Buddhism. Religion is not like football to religious people - Football is a boring sport to pass time - religion is far more serious - Its about where we come from, what we are here to do and where we are going - mostly based on specific people and histiorical events. All religions are worldviews that people choose how to view the world - It gives the world a sacred meaning.

05-18-2011, 03:48 PM
Islam is a way of life, sent by Allah(swt) so how can it
resemble: A football, a basketball, a soccer-ball, and a volleyball.

Dirt 101
05-18-2011, 06:28 PM
You know, I thought that if I left someone out, or included someone else, I would hear about it.
Consider it as you will, and I realize it's a poor analogy to make my points.

Did you get the points?

Religions differ outwardly, and this is what everyone gets upset about, while what is most common is unsuspected or overlooked.

I could have set different makes of automobiles as examples. Some prefer the style and substance of one and dislike the others for some reasons. The point is that to start and run, they all need the gift of a functional battery... common to all, and without which it's useless.
In other words: Dead as a doornail. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

For the human being, the secret ingredient, if you will, which goes unrecognized and unsuspected, is the life itself. Instead of experience of simplicity and the gift of peace within this human form, the mind produces extreme complexity which becomes the basis for argument
and division and endless punditry, speculation, explanation and confusion. Think about it.

The foe is the ignorance we hold, not someone's religion or clothing or choice of foods or books to be read or governments or countries.
The 'shaitan' you speak of is our very own accumulated store and burden of ignorance which works darkness and confusion, and which we manifest through our desires, thoughts and actions in this world.

The solution, as it was at every time in the past, and just as it is today, is to bring in the light, because light dispells that darkness.

Just as air is common to all footballs and the battery common to all cars, this living, inner light is what is common in all people beyond all differences! and this light is described in every true scripture... yes, even in the Koran! Now, don't get nervous. This light is also written of in the Bagavad Gita, The Bible, The Torah... and as I said, all true scriptures. But books themselves are not the main point.

Example: In a restaurant, we are presented with the menu. There are descriptions and pictures of the dishes, but one's hunger cannot ultimately be satisfied by words and pictures even if words are written in golden ink and the pictures appear in Technicolor. To have our bellies and nutritional requirements satisfied, we have to eat the real food. Not magical food. Not synthetic food. Real food.

We carry within us the problems and the source of problems. We also carry within us a great potential, but until our lamps are lit,
we remain as a potential unactualized. Imagine 6.5 billion people thrashing around on a small planet who are basically, 'out-of-touch'
with their inner source of strength, clarity and peace. Imagine it? Just look around and see what I mean. Have you read the news lately?
My humble suggestion would be for all peoples to seek the living source now, while you can. It is important.

How important? It depends on when and if people want to experience real peace in their lives and in this world.
And do you recall what is the source of Peace for humankind? You should know the answer without question! So, know it.

All may imagine and dream of peace in eternity forever and forever, no problem, but for seventy or eighty years, we are here.
How do we deal with what is immediately before us? What is our experience? On a thorny path, it is good to wear shoes.

Let me tell you what it is like here. Driving a winding mountain road at night, with no headlights, is not a fun nor wise thing to do.
Does that make sense to anyone? Solution is, in reality, you don't pull out a map to guide you... you switch on the lights!
Don't misunderstand me here. I'm not dismissing books and scriptures as irrelevant or unimportant. I'm intent in assigning things their rightful utility and place in the scheme.

You know.... one can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make him drink it.

Don't fear reality. Learn more. Understand more. It's the coolest thing to do with our time, and it just may produce something very good :-)

My teacher has freed me from taking sides regarding any religion. He has also freed me from having no side.
He has also freed me from religion, the questions and mystery as it is in this world, and put me in touch with my self.

God may be out and about... seeing the sights as well as being the sights. And when he wants to come home, he turns within.
He is everywhere and is everything, and also has hidden himself in a very special place... unknown and unsuspected, within the Hearts of every single Human Being on the face of this earth.
Hidden as a precious pearl within the folds of the cloak of my heart.

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al yunan
05-18-2011, 07:10 PM
Dear Dirt,

So, Maharishi still lives ?

The day you can convince fish that they don't need water, you come back and try again.

A word of advice keep away from the shrooms.

If you happen to see Castaneda, say Hi !


Dirt 101
05-19-2011, 05:46 PM
Dear al yunan,

I certainly don't want to be rude, so I must thank you for your suggestions, (though of course, I understand completely).

I am sure you have a great sense of humor,
because what you have written is so typical, tired and worn that it has made me laugh.

I have seen and heard it all before, yet such, which clearly is a door opening to reveal your thought, is still humorous to me.

By the way... I once met a fish who convinced me that it was I who most needed the water, before I drowned.

al yunan
05-19-2011, 06:06 PM
[QUOTE=Dirt 101;1439901]Dear al yunan,

Dear Dirt,

I'm glad you appreciate my effort to entertain you as I thought you where also entertaining us. Unfortunately it's forbidden for us Muslims to be sarcastic, therefore we try our hand at weird humour. I some how got the impression that you thought I was making fun of you, but I see and was happy that you grasped the fish analogy.
Serious about Carlos !


Dirt 101
05-19-2011, 06:52 PM
Um, ok.

Let's get into the fish business and wrap this one up, shall we? No loafing on the job, either!

One can hardly be known as a fish without swimming extensively in the deep blue on a daily basis.
And one can't be a baked loaf unless one has kept themselves in the oven until done.

That's Entertainment!

Dirt 101
05-19-2011, 07:00 PM
al yunan,
By the way, (going back in time, we are), if you should meet Doug Boyd, be sure to say 'hello'.

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