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06-19-2011, 05:53 AM
Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
The following is a rather interesting article by a former Ismaili who turned Muslim. I found it on the central-mosque website. Jazakamullahu khayran.

Four faces that Ismailis (Aga Khanis) face daily while praying

Being a former Ismaili for more than fifty years, I have visited hundreds of Ismaili Jamatkhanas (restricted places of Congregations), in different parts of the world. Until 1980's there were, some as big as life-size, colored photos of Karim Aga Khan on all the four walls of the Prayer Halls in each and every Jamatkhana. Every Ismaili (man or woman) had but to FACE the Photo of his/her Beloved Spiritual Father and Mother -- Karim Aga Khan, while reciting the three Daily Prayers.

Today, there are only two small photographs on the two side walls. Hence, an Ismaili will tell you with a firm voice and absolute confidence:
"It is a LIE. We DO NOT FACE the photos of Aga Khan, while we recite our Du'a (Ismaili Prayer) in Jamatkhanas."

The Four faces and designated titles:
Here are the Specially Designated Titles of to whom the Congregation FACES everyday and every night, while praying in the Jamatkhanas, instead of the Qiblah. The word Qiblah means; The direction the Muslims face when performing their daily Salah "ritual prayer", the Ka'bah in Mekkah. See Qur'an 2:150.


FOUR PERSONALITIES are directly APPOINTED for a specific term, by Karim Aga Khan. During their Terms of Office they, ON BEHALF OF HAZAR IMAM(KARIM AGA KHAN) FACE THE CONGREGATION during all the religious ceremonies and prayers, BLESS THE FOLLOWERS in the name of SHAH-PIR (Karim Aga Khan), FORGIVE THEIR SINS by sprinkling the Holy Water on their Faces, COLLECT CASH, Collect donations, Zakat (Dasond), etc., without giving any receipt, PERFORM MARRIAGES in lieu of the Islamic Nikah Ceremonies, the couples Prostrate to them and receive their Blessings.ALL THE ABOVE ACTS ARE PERFORMED SITTING IN FRONT OF THE CONGREGATION.
In the past I have executed these duties, except for the last one. May Allah (SWT) Forgive my past sins... I thank Allah (SWT) for opening my eyes, ears, heart and this web site of mine.

May He Guide those who are facing **FOUR FACES** and reading this article.

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