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May Ayob
07-11-2011, 02:26 PM
Maybe we can try to do some good things insha'Allah in Ramadhan , If you have any more please add ( it doesn't matter what your religious background is ) I would appreciate it :)

1.Be kind and Dutiful to Parents.
2. Be kind to siblings, treat them equally with kindness and love.
3. Respect and treat elders in a very good manner.
4. Be good to one's kinship.
5.Be kind, and not harm or disturb the neighbors.
6. Be generous to the guest, honor them and treat them with hospitality.
7.Keep up a good character with all people.
8. Be a True honest friend to those around you.
9. " Be kind to everyone , if can't be kind to everyone then don't harm them."
10. Respect all peoples opinions even if they don't agree with you.
11. Support those in need- Financially emotionally ..etc.
12. Conceal any flaws in your brother and sister in humanity, never criticize them in public approach them in a gentle , honest and sincere manner and address any problem with caution not to hurt anyone's feelings.Speak up for them if they are being wronged and they are not present.
13. Join a kitchen soup.
14. Speak , and act against human trafficking , unfair labour and any type of injustice.
15. Give hope, to those who are depressed and are facing difficulties.
16. Never become concieted with what ever you have may it be little or big, internal or external, thank Allah that he has given you these favors by worshiping Him and Obeying what he commands.
17. Never critize anyone who has indulged in any sin no matter what the sin is. "Hate the sin, but Love the sinner".
18. Remove Envy, jealousy , hatred, hypocrisy, competition, vanity , arrogance from your heart, work on your heart very hard because it is the source of your happiness in this life and the hereafter.Learn to be Humble
19. Be content with what Allah has given you and ask Him from His Mercy.
20. Be Merciful towards all humanity.
21. Respect and honor you teachers and keep up a good manners, conduct and respectful body language when ever encountered with them.
22. Thank people who have favors upon you and don't neglect them or forget about them. "Who does not thank the people ( or show Gratitude to their favors) Does not Thank(or show Gratitude) to Allah".
23.Always smile, be Optimistic and Meet people with positive energy because when you give out positive energy it would most likely come back to you.
24. Be sincere , in you're judgements , do not beleive in stereotypes, and gossip to make your self feel better, if someone is saying or preaching for the wrong idea about a person or a certain type of group speak against it.
25. Speak for justice even if it against yourself and your own comfort.
26. Learn Wisdom especially from elders and people who went through different experiences.
27.Be a sincere worshiper of the Creator, Do things for His sake and don't expect anything in return except His reward.
28. If you did something wrong then admit it we are all weak creatures, no one is perfect, we all do sins fall into mistakes day and night , ask Allah forgiveness, and repent.

How to treat people:

1.Be nice, and polite to all people.
2. Do not ditsurb them in any manner.
3. Never make fun of , backbite, gossip about anyone.
4.Treat all people fairly and impartially with justice and equity.
5.Be understanding towards other people's behavoir/actions.
5. Forgive those who have hurt you or insulted, or did any mean thing to you.
6. Wish good for all people.
7.Always smile in people's faces.
8. If someone asked you a favor hasten to reply and help them.
9. Never gossip,slander, or harass anyone.
10. Don't get involved in anything that is not your business, respect peoples privacy just as you would want people to respect yours.
11. Be honest and trustworthy , if anyone one entrusted you with something take it seriously know that Allah (swt) is watching you and He is aware of every thing that is happening in this universe.
12. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
13. Don't have pre-conceived theories or believe stereo types about people.
14.Give amnesty to those which have opressed you in the past , so that Allah grants you amnesty.
15. If someone wants to borrow something from you then do not hesitate in lending it to them.
16.Make as Much excuses for their negative reactions.
17.The least thing to do is to refrain from harming them by mouth and hand.

Good Deeds:
1. Say the Azdhkar.
2. Read the quran.
3.Observe 5 daily prayers.
4. Be Dutiful to Parents:
- Treat them with respect and honor.
- take them seriously in everything they say.
-Seek their Ridaa( Contentness)
-Be kind to them: don't speak in a harsh manner, obey them and help your mother in household chores.
- When they are tired give them a massage, or just a cup of water.
- Make sure that they are happy and try to help them if they are troubled in any manner.
-Treat as you would treat your best friend.
- Don't get into arguements with them.
- Be as humble as you can when being with them.
- Praise them in public, Respect them infront of you're friends, Speak publicly about how important they are and how life wouldn't be the same without them.
-Pray to Allah to have mercy on them, and showers His blessings and love in their heart.
- Serve them as much as possible.
- If you live far away then call them atleast once everyday, to ask about them and about their health.
- If you are working keep some of your salary to buy them gifts.
-If you have younger siblings, help them by taking care of them, maybe babysitting so that they can have sometime alone to rest.
-Speak to them regularly, and tell them about whatever is going around in your life no matter how small or big it maybe, this way you will build a strong bond between you and your parent's.
- if you did a mistake, or if they are upset about a certain thing or things you did then do not hesitate to apologize.
- Remind them of all the good childhood memories you had with them and show gratitude for their Patience in raising you.

I think there is much more , but i'm short of ideas
5. Be nice to your Siblings ( older or younger)
6.Treat people with courtesy and respect.
7.Be a good friend.
8. Be a good student.
9.Be very gentle and nice towards children.Play with them , make them happy, take them to the amusement park, or teach them new things in a fun and creative manner, show them how important they are and that they are Allah's beloved.
10.Keep strong ties with kinshsip, call them whenever possible, visit them regularly.
11. Constatly cleanse and purify your soul, by listening to the sufferings of other people and practicing Compassion towards every living creature even animals.
"If you want to be happy, Practice Compassion , If you want to be Happy Practice compassion" Dalai Lama
12. If you found an animal that is hurt don't be scared take it to the nearest veterenian, and keep it in your home take well care of it until it gets healed Insha'Allah.
13.Join Charity organizations.
14. Make Foundations that speak against human trafficking, maternal mortality, bullying , Drugs and Alcohol, Enviromental pollution...etc.
15.You can save money to make Non-profit organiztaions.
16. Always remember to be humble and do Good deeds according to what Allah commands , don't boast about you "good deeds" and thank Allah that He has guided you to don them and He has shown you a way to do good for your self by helping others.
17. Respect people's integrity and dignity as a human being is better than giving them something and then rubbing it in their face.
16. Remove arrogance, vanity, pride and boastfulness from your heart.
17.Pray daily (Salat Shukr to your Generous Creator) Praise and Thank Him for everything he gave you ask Him to make you one of His Thankfull servants.
18.Cheer people up- Allah gives reward to those who make people's heart happy , by a kind word, by spending sometime, by teaching them something , them little things can make a big difference.
19. Speak against all injustices such as racism , discrimination and unfair treatment to people who are being marginilized.
20. Start with that which is best , so that even the one who is your enemy as if he/she is one of your closest friends.Repel Ignorance with Knowledge, Hatred with Love,Evil with Good, Negative things with Positive things.
21.Always criticize the act and not the actor.
22. Visit those who are sick in hospitals and be kind and friendly towards , them listen to their stories and support them , buy them gifts every now and then and make strong friendships with them.
23. Never abuse someone, or use violence against anyone.
24. Pray for all people who are suffering in this planet.
25.Be gentle towards animals. give them food, and water , be merciful towards every creature Allah has created.
26. Never mock or make fun of anyone , it might be that they are better than you are , and life events might change, and they may be more honorable than you are in the sight of Allah.
27. Donate your extra clothing, books any useful thing that any human being can make use of.
28. Volunteer for children tutoring in schools.
29.Take care of orphans, widows, people with disabilities give them hope. Take them as an inspiration.
30. A good deed erace's a bad one keep that in mind and Never forget / or lose hope in Allah's Mercy.

I am hoping you ( the brothers and Sisters) can add better ones...

If I find more I will add insha'Allah

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