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07-20-2011, 02:20 PM
Ramadhan comes and goes every year but the effect of each Ramadhan is meant to stay not just until next Ramadhan but for the rest of a Muslim’s life. So more Ramadhans one goes through the more they should be spiritually pure, morally upright and intellectually wise. However this is not the case for the vast majority of the Muslims because they misunderstand the purpose, wisdom and the practicalities of Ramadhan. For many Fasting is just another ritual. This was alluded to by the Prophet (PBUH) when he said: “Many people who fast get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and many people who pray at night get nothing from it except wakefulness”. Surely no one wants to be in this state but sadly many are. This is easily seen by looking at the effect Ramadhan has on ones life. Unfortunately for many there is no effect - their life before and after Ramadhan is the same. In other words they have a dead Ramadhan.

If you want to change this situation then this is your opportunity to do so. Register for the unique one-day seminar The Treasure of Ramadhan by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi coming up just in time for this Ramadhan. This seminar can transform your Ramadhan to heights that you have never seen before and give you the real experience of Ramadhan that many have never tasted before. Take this opportunity and register today to experience a living Ramadhan this year, InshaAllah.

The Treasures of Ramadhan
Detailed Study Of Ramadhan Focusing On Purification & Self-Development

Instructor: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 30th July 2011 Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Cambridge University

Facilities & Features: crèche/childcare, free 2 nights accommodation for travellers, free parking

Special Offers: Buy One Get One Free, Group of 5 Discount, Scholarships, Free Non-Muslim Guest Pass

courses.meoc.org.uk <<<<<<< Click Here To Register

"Alhamdulillah I've attended 3 seminars of Sheikh Akram's so far, and Insha Allah I will keep coming back for more! He was introduced to me by my brother who attends his study circles regularly in Oxford. I loved the seminar on Women scholars in Islam, it was a total eye opener into what a Muslim woman's role in society is, which surprisingly (or not) goes against many cultiural and conventionally held notions of Muslim women. My other favourite one was the tafseer of Surat al Fatiha and the last ten surahs, I will not be exaggerating when I say that I truly found it mind blowing. Sheikh Akram is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge but Masha Allah he always carries himself with the utmost humility. I have already had a look at the list of future seminars and I think MEOC is doing a great job in giving the layman an opportunity to have an exciting insight into the world of Muslim scholarship with its choice of highly intellectual topics. Last but not least, its a great opportunity to meet new people of diverse backgrounds. Well done all of you and may Allah reward you for your efforts." - Dr Shyma Fazal, Boston, Lincolnshire

"As a non Muslim (currently!) I have been delighted by the whole experience of the MEOC lectures and have found them so helpful in my studies and 'quest for the Truth'. I had been doing lots of reading and studying and had started to read the Qur'an and this lecture seemed to come at the perfect time.The whole experience has been well organised, welcoming and informative and the depth and breadth of knowledge of Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akran Nadwi is truly inspiring and motivating. Excellent course delivery with suitable breaks allowing for reflection and brief stretch of legs, plus useful and interactive question and answer sessions.The two lectures I have attended thus far have benefited me enormously and I look forward to more God willing." - Sarah Jarman, Bedford

courses.meoc.org.uk <<<<<<< Click Here To Register

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