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09-02-2011, 11:56 AM
How To Raise Confident Children in The 21st Century?

The world may have changed beyond recognition in the last three decades, but children haven’t changed at all. For healthy development, they still need the same basic ingredients that have helped lucky children through the ages grow up bright, balanced, confident and fit to face the challenges of adult life. Is 21st century life damaging our children? Huge changes in adult lifestyles have affected the way we look after children, both at home and in school. This seminar looks at how a toxic mix of side-effects of social and cultural change is affecting the development of a growing number of children and what we can do about it to help all children grow up bright, balanced and confident to reach their full potential.

21st Century Children - Raising Boys & Girls in The Modern World

By Sue Palmer (Author of Toxic Childhood)

Registration: 21stcenturychildren.org.uk

Advance/Online Tickets: From £18 onwards Standard/Door Tickets: £49.50

Bonus Guest Lecture: Raising Children in Islam

This is an invaluable seminar for all parents and anyone interested in the welfare of young people. Advance/Online Tickets are finishing fast. Register today to book your place now and save 50% or more on standard ticket price.

Sue Palmer
has written more than 250 books, educational TV programmes and software packages on aspects of literacy and modern childhood. She is the author of the revolutionary book Toxic Childhood: How The Modern World Is Damaging Our Children And What We Can Do About It. Please visit suepalmer.co.uk for more information.

Reviews of Sue Palmer's books which this seminar is based on:

"Having been to a number of parenting seminars from the faith and non-faith perspectives, I’ve found Sue Palmer’s insights about raising children in harmony with the Muslim concept of the ‘fitrah’- or what is the natural inclination of a person. Her thorough research is an invaluable contribution for parents engaged in the daily struggle to do the best for their children" - Suma Din, Muslim Author

"Just what we all need to be reading. The levels of anxiety about our children are reaching new highs and we desperately need this kind of careful analysis."- Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

"If you are even a tad concerned about the influences at work on our children, this book is a Must Read!... No one can afford to miss this excellently written book." - National Primary Headteachers Association magazine

"Cannot recommend highly enough... a pretty earth-shattering read. It really makes you think about how childhood has changed."- Live Journal

"A brilliant book, Toxic Childhood, demonstrating how deprived children bear the brunt of rapid social change, and the knock-on effect this has on Britain’s streets, schools and crime rate". - The Week

"A chilling insight into childhood in contemporary Britain…Palmer combines her personal experience with recent research findings to present a picture of the modern child’s condition. However, instead of just criticising the current state of affairs, she suggests how positive changes can be made, both in the home and through reform of national policies…It is understanding and provides warmth, wisdom and encouragement for parents."- Children and Young People Now

"Palmer, who started a media storm with her first book ‘Toxic Childhood’ examines the issues that confront 21st century boys from birth to the end of school, in the light of the most up-to-date research, and explains what we can all do to help ensure they emerge as healthy, normal adults. Behind the screaming headlines, she talks an awful lot of sense."- The Bookseller

"One of the most powerful books of the year."- David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science

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23 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1AH

Tel: 01223 655223


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