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10-27-2011, 05:58 PM
I'm just wondering if this article is correct, is there going to be a new Central Bank that is privately owned by Rothschild?

"Libya and Iran are among several other oil rich Muslim nations that DO NOT have a Central Bank that is privately owned by the Zionist Rothschild banking cabal.

Like Iran, Libya’s Central Bank was state-owned and controlled. It printed and issued its own interest and debt free money. That interest and debt free money was used for government projects, infrastructure and other enterprises. Up until a few days ago, the Libyans enjoyed the enormous benefits of their state-owned Central Bank.

Now you know why the Zio-USA and her Zio-coalition are in Libya. __not for any frickin humanitarian reason. No siree, Bob!

The illegal and criminal invasion of Libya was for the two Zio-New World Order reasons:

(1) to abolish Libya’s state-owned and controlled Central Bank and to establish a Zionist Rothschild privately owned Central Bank

(2) to take over the control of Libya’s oil, including her other rich mineral resources.

As stated in one article I read, Gaddafi “had threatened to nationalize the oil industry in Libya and to eject the Western oil companies out of the country”.

Now however, because of their “new” freedom and, instead of control over their own oil, the Libyans will now be at the mercy of the controlling Western oil companies regarding any royalties they receive from that rich resource.

Of course before the complete installation of the “new” Libyan Zio-Central Bank and before the “new” national oil company is firmly established, the USA and her allies will have to “free” and “protect” the Libyan citizenry with plenty of bombs, bullets, missiles and foot soldiers.

No need to worry folks about the “Zio-collateral damage” __it’s only sacred human lives. God help the unfortunate, snared and entrapped Libyan people!

Woe to the Zio-Western nations and others who perpetrate and commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, they will vanish in smoke. So say the prophets of the Creator-God."


Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/516/2...d_A_New_Centra

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