View Full Version : Let's get people thinking, talking and sharing!

11-10-2011, 05:01 PM
Hi everyone, this thread is being start as a result of noticing that currently IB does not have a thread which is designed to cultivate users to share and discuss topics that they find interesting...

The premise of this thread will be simple:

All you have to do is, find an interesting article, an interesting video or clip or an interesting picture, come on here and post it as a reply and if you want you can leave a comment about it or a remark. (it does not have to be islamic)

The idea is to get people reading more or landing on more unique topics so as to increase their general knowledge.

Anyways, I'll start: I found this video on youtube and felt that it was a great leap in the future of robotics...I was really surprised by how well this robot functions, how seamlessly it was able to pour the glass of water! just think of all the applications for this once it is fully developed.


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