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11-18-2011, 06:34 AM
I like the above section the most in IB... The stories of the campanions are touching...Some time I read the threads often to remember the names and events... thanks to the contibutors/IB...Alhamdulillah. It will really motivate you to face the challenges of this world in the right way.

I request all the bros/siss to go through the content of this section... whenever possible... and ask your frnds to read as well..may be copyin to a doc.


It would be great... if more effort is put in... to check this section and increase its content...
related to Quran/Hadeeth there are various resources available across web.... but i havent come acros any site which contains the life of sahabas, prophets in a single place.

My Request to..Jannah Network. It would be very beneficial.. if a separate site is created for the same.


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11-24-2011, 03:45 PM
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