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11-21-2011, 02:24 PM
A pouting goldfish, a hairy caterpillar and a mischievous Bengal kitten are just some of the
visual treats on offer at this year's RSPCA Young Photographer Awards - from age eight to 18.

Disappointment. A sad goldfish snapped by 18-year-old Ryan Iyapah. One category in the competition
includes pet personalities. The shortlisted photos were picked from a huge 8,000 entries.

The Early Birds by eight-year-old Scarlett Martin - the youngest photographer to be shortlisted in this year's awards.
"Early one morning I visited JCB Lake with my family. I was hoping to take some wildlife photos around the lake when I noticed
the sun breaking through the clouds and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to photograph the changing weather
against the silhouettes of the four birds in mid-flight."

Lily, a naughty seven-month-old Bengal kitten was captured by Amelia Robinson, 13, from Dorset. Amelia wrote in her application:
"She's just been caught doing something she shouldn't - climbing up the sofa - so she pulled her 'It wasn't me' face."

Georgia Harding took this close-up of a hairy caterpillar for Grubs Up. The budding young photographer said:
"I wanted to take a really unusual picture and couldn't believe my luck when we found this synchronised caterpillar
eating team on a bush at the end of our garden. They were chomping away and this was their third leaf alread.
When they were disturned they all put their bottoms in the air and I wanted to capture this on camera as it looked amazing."

Sam Rowley, 17, took this stunning shot named Deer at Dawn in Richmond Park, West London.

Conquering a Blustery Peak by Emily Biggs in the 12-15 category.
A sheep is taken aback as it feels the force of nature after it reaches the top of a hill in Shetland.

Sheep queuing in the snow by Chris Pritchard. The winner will be announced next and be treated to a specialist three day
wildlife photography break where he or she will learn some expert photography tips as well as share his inside knowledge during the
annual deer rut in Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire.

Silhouettes by Rachel Michael. "The Red Deer captured in this photo has stood stock still before darting back into the safety
of the Ardnamurchan hills. I managed to snap them against the glorious sky that shot rays across the landscape and the place they call their home."

Swans in Symmetry by Samuel Hood: "Having spent most of the day at Killingworth Lake photographing wildlife,
I spotted these swans coming in to land together and was amazed by their near perfect symmetry and was delighted with the result
of the picture - a real "right time, right place" shot."

Black Tailed Godwit In the Mist by Sophie Bramall. On taking the impressive photo, she said: "Perched on a post,
the warm tones of the godwit's feathers are just being lit by the sun as the mist clears. We used the car as a hide
and quietly drove around some open farmland where we expected to see godwits, redshanks and hares.
It was very early, quiet and a little frosty. I was excited to see the godwits calling to each other whilst standing on posts,
sometimes preening, having a scratch or standing on one leg. The shape of the post added some interest in the photo.
I used a bean bag to support the heavy lens on the window frame."

Running Whippets on a beach by Amy Wilton, who said: "This photograph was taken at our local beach.
This is Sparky and Holly's favourite place to walk and they run super fast on the sand and love it! Both Sparky and Holly are
rescue whippets from different places, but the best of friends!"


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11-21-2011, 03:37 PM
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