View Full Version : Why don't Muslims respect freedom of speech and expression?

Moham Ali
12-17-2011, 03:55 PM
I am a atheist teenager who's lived in Amsterdam (born there), lived in London for 9 years and currently living in Paris studdying sociology and French. My parents are both Muslims and I grew up in a Muslim family. As I child I grew up going to the mosque, praying daily and reading the quran daily. I still remember allot of the Quran and could read you out many verses if you asked me to as I spent years reading the book. During my early teens I started reading some of my father books on Karl Marx, Marxism & sociolism and at that point I decided to turn my back on faith and religion and take atheisim and Marxism as my believes. Anyway lets get back to my point, I was at school with some Muslim boys and girls who didn't know anything about their own religion. When the artist in Denmark drew pictures of the Prophet Muhammed and during a debate off campus with them they stated it wasn't right, he should be dead, no one should publish these picture etc etc. This got me worked up, why can't Muslims let Allah judge and give people their rights? If someone draws a picture of Muhammed if I am right Allah will punish him/her in hell, if hell is real? What shocked me even more is these stupidly dumb men running around in the Middle East calling for his death, burning flags of America, Denmark and Israel. Why can't the dumb and very, very racist house of Saud (royal family of Saudi Arabia) stand up for freedom of speech and expression? Talking about the house of Saud, how can any Muslim call their "holy land" Saudia Arabia? It was called Hejaz, before those ragheads decided to name the country after their last name is that modesty? I went to Mecca as a child and cried when I saw the poverty some of the people in Mecca lived in. How can the house of Saud live with themself when Islam says you can't let your brother in Islam starve while you've got millions. Back to the main point, is there any Muslim on this forum who will let their kids dress the way they want to express themself, say and do what they want, respect people who do something or say something that they don't like and allow their women to express themself without being opressed by their foolish brothers, fathers, husbands and Sharia?

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