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02-01-2012, 04:22 PM

1. Does Allah (swt) care about our day to day affairs, or does He (swt) only look at the hearts, or rather does He mainly look at the condition of the hearts rather than our material condition ?

2. Are the "main events" in our life set? I understand that Allah has full knowledge of our Qadr and we have free will , but are there certain events that are going to happen no matter what we do, such as in the 33rd year of mr.x life his child will die - and Allah will use that to see how he reacts to this loss, or in the 40th year of this person's life he will be given xyz to see if he is grateful etc. I call these "milestones" in a person's life, are ALL of these milestones already set? Are some of them set? or there is no such thing and we make our own milestones ?

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02-01-2012, 06:01 PM

Allah swt is Al-raqeeb. The watchful. He is Al-Alim, the all knower. So if he knows that a particular leaf fell of a tree and it fell 6cm way from the right of the tree, then evidently He knows our daily affairs. He knows what we're going through, how we feel, what has gone good and bad during your day. And actualy it's quite reassuring knoing He is there, knowing that if I need His help, He is there just waiting to be called. Its amazing in fact.

In terms of your other question, then the way our life plans out and everything else is written in Al-lahw Al-mahfuth. The preserved tablet.

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