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View Full Version : Our whole life in a book? Is this possible?

~ Sabr ~
05-01-2012, 09:31 AM

I hope this reaches you in good and health Imaan InshaAllaah.

Some non-Muslims question the fact that how will Allaah, on the Day of Judgement, record all of our lives in 1 big "book"? That will be such a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge "book", and it will take us forever to read it. :?

Regarding how Allaah will record our life, look at Micro SD cards, Kindles, iPads, and other things that are available today. Look at how we have progressed in a decade from a library full of books onto a small chip. Allaah, who has given us this brain to think of these things, just think at what HE Himself can do. :thumbs_up

And regarding how you will read the book, you will read it in less than a second. Within a second your whole life will flash before your eyes. Some people ask how this can be possible - if any one of you has had a near-death experience, when they are about to die, their whole life flashes before their eyes within less than a second. :exhausted

I myself have experienced this also about 3 years ago... I was driving and came to some crossroads, I should have stopped but I was absorbed in some thinking and carried on straight through without stopping. A car came out of nowhere on my left, 50 miles an hour on a local road, and crashed into me. I was saved alhamdulillah, just hurt my lower back. But when I had glimpsed the car racing towards me before the crash, my whole life, my good deeds, bad deeds, what I regretted doing, what other deeds I should have done - all of that flashed in front of my eyes in less than a second before that car crashed into me. :skeleton:

Just thought to share.

May Allaah give us all our book in our right hands, and grant us Jannah. Ameen.


The points of reading the book within a second + huge book is taken from the lecture by Shaykh Hasan Ali: The Bridge: Sharper than a sword, thinner than hair

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~ Sabr ~
05-01-2012, 04:43 PM

Muslim Woman
05-01-2012, 05:02 PM

sis well written
JazakAllah khair for sharing.

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