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View Full Version : One of the greatest mysteries in History... Islam.

07-06-2012, 01:13 AM
Asalaamu Alaikum,

Something that has always perplexed the Non-Muslim's is how the Muslims, from the state they were in before Islam arrived, became the most powerful and advanced civilization of their time, all within 100 years.

As they admit with honesty;

"The Arab conquests of the Seventh to Eighth Centuries AD, present one of the most interesting and perplexing problems of history. Their speed and performance, the immense size of the lands they covered, and most of all, the contrast between the methods used and the results produced have always been a source of wonder to historians, and it has taxed all their powers to find adequate explanation of them. The conquests have been described so frequently that they might seem a straightforward commonplace event, and yet some inexplicable and mysterious quality still underlies them. We see a horde of nomads with no military experience beyond that of desert skirmishes and bandit raids, who, at a given moment, embark on a phase of rapid expansion, confront and defeat the regular armies of great empires, advance irresistibly for thousands of miles from their native land and establish lasting control over the territories they have conquered." (Gabrieli, F. (1968) Muhammad and the Conquests of Islam, pg 103. Italian Trans. V. Luling & R. Linell, World Univ Library. NY, McGraw-Hill.)

"…Muslim forces went on to campaigns of conquest that in less than a century created an empire extending from Spain to central Asia. How all this occurred and why it focussed on Muhammad, Makkah and the late sixth century are questions that Muslims took up themselves, and that have comprised a major concern of modern historical research" (Lawrence. I. Conrad, The Arabs, The Cambridge Ancient History, 2006, vol 14, p. 695).

"The speed with which the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire succumbed to the Arabs remains to be explained by historians." (Andrew Louth, The Byzantine Empire in the seventh century, The New Cambridge Medieval History, 2005, vol 1, p. 298).

And they may forever ponder, right until the day of judgement.

For the Muslims however, this is sufficient for us;

“Allaah has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will cause them to rule the earth just as He caused those who came before them to rule it, and He will grant them the ability to practice their religion, the one He chose for them, and He will change their fears into safety.” [Surah: An-Noor: 55]

And that is exactly what happened, as Ibn Kathir(ra) mentions in his tafsir.

For me, this is (along with many others) another sign post, a miracle, that Islam is from none other than Allah.

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