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07-11-2012, 10:38 AM

The tree is a very special creature. She doesn’t hurt other creatures, and she is not a burden on them; for she lives off inanimate objects, and on top of that she provides living beings with their food and energy that she takes from the sun.

She doesn't move, attack, or destroy. Nay, she provides oxygen, warmth, shadow, medicine and food for other living beings. She is the mother of all.

Even after she dies she doesn't stop giving, and her scent remains refreshing.

Learn from the plant‘s stability on the ground and loyalty to her homeland.
Learn from the plant‘s calmness, constant giving and survival under the harshest conditions.
She never changes her place, she adapts with the environment she grew up in, and never migrates from it.

She uses her limited energy to make a fruit carrying her seeds, as a gift for the human or animal that eats it and transport those seeds.
“How many times I saw a fruit hanging on a bare branch?!”

On another hand , the tree doesn’t attack, she resists and leans her head to the wind until the wind passes by , then she go back to her usual position, and even though she dies standing up.

All the tree‘s efforts in her life is focused solely on her purposes: survival and giving.

She always gets hurt by humans and animals but she resists by patience and spreading.

The plant provides beauty like roses, and food like dates as a reward for transporting her seeds, to spread and give again.

For all these attributes, the plant became the most important creature amongst other living beings, she covered most of the planet, and became the most virtuous.

Undoubtedly, the plant gave us better than what we gave to her.

Those attributes and this generosity are characteristics of the good human who is like a tree.

The tree doesn’t nag or complain. If anyone needs love they should be like a tree.

The tree uses the worst of what living beings have: manure, which is their droppings and corpses. Living beings gave the tree the worst they have and she gave them the best she has.

If she was trimmed, her branches and trunks will be more powerful than before, and her buds will grow up in other places. For the tree never feels despair.

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