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07-15-2012, 07:28 AM
I had been married for around year and Allah has blessed me a beautiful son too.

From the beginning of my marriage (we live in join family) I am facing difficulties in adjusting my wife and mother, few month later my wife had done something wrong and its started families fight (not just my wife and me), a month ago although the fight end but still the tension is there and it reaches extreme with silence.

The main problem I am facing is that the likes and dislikes of my wife and mother is complete opposite, now my mother is extreme angry on my wife (my wife done something extreme wrong but opologize ) but my mother does not accepting that apology, even my mother stops me to talk to my wife on phone, if i talk to him my mother say you are not my son as you are talking to your wife without my permission , ofcourse if i did not talk my wife my wife will fell how bad I am that i cannot even talk him then how can i spend life with him and there was fight, if i talk my mother angry to the extent that he also said to leave the house just beacuse I talk to my wife and did not follow my mother order.

This is just a simple example, little and very small things are creating too much trouble for me.

I love my mother and wife and want to live with both, some time i think that i had been victim of evil eye or some magic as the smallest thing is creating too much trouble in my life, I am too much tense and cannot behave right with any one and every body angry on me, I want to overcome any mistake i have but i need peace in life and seeing only fighting and fighiting in my family life.

Please do suggest me some duas that i can say so the problems between my wife and mother end, you can notice even on a very small talk how extreme the things goings. I donot want to do any wrong thing and want to treat justice with my mother and wife but failed as if i do one thing my mother will became angry if i do other my wife. Completely stuck in my life.

By the way my mother is inshahallah planning to go for Hajj this year, and i know before going to hajj its necessary to forgive any person what ever he had done, but my mother is to angry on my wife that he is not bearing any more my wife on house and did not want him to be more on house, I am too tense I will be alone if my mother throught out my wife and went for hajj, I will be alone then without my wife and child, please do pray for me.

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