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08-15-2012, 11:59 AM
A fav topic for all.

Brief introduction to my issue. I have been married for 6 year, the marriage has had many issues. About 1.5 years ago the wife and I had a big argument. I had it with my wife so decided to move out. The mother inlaw came to the flat and said a lot of things and went on to insult my mother and her general behaviour was terrible to which I responded in an equal way. The mother in-law told my wife to divorce me. In addition to that the inlaws have been very crafty, when my wife and I married we moved into an apartment her father bought for her. There was very little equity in the property and I agreed to pay the mortgage. It was clearly stated that the property would be put in both our names. The inlaws did not put the property in my name but allowed me to believe it was and continued to allow me to pay off the mortgage.

The wife and I moved back in together in an area away from my in-laws about 1.25 years ago.

I do not see my inlaws, I do not visit, I do not call. In the past 1.5 years I have only been once to a gather. That was a quran reading for my wifes deceased father. I have little/no feelings for them. I do not trust them and want very little to do with them.

The issue is with the mother inlaws abuse and years of interfere and dominance and also the deceitful way in which they have behaved has left me feeling like they are not decent honest people. I feel very differently now then I did when I was getting married. I know that the right approach is to resolve things. I have heard it before! However it is okay to keep away from the inlaws? Not see them unless it is a 'must'. For my health and mental well-being I think I am better to be away from them. However the Islam is important and I feel like I need some guidance to confirm if I am correct in my approach.

I have spoke to an imam and he said it was fine to take the approach I am taking, however more opinions will be welcomed.

My wife visits her mum one evening per week.

Any advice?

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