View Full Version : HHUGS.org.uk - please donate today! 'their mosque & communities have abandoned them..

- Qatada -
08-19-2012, 07:25 PM
Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

HHUGS.org.uk - donate today!


...[Muslim women and children] - their Mosques have abandoned them, and their communities have shunned them. They are lonely, vulnerable, and desperately in need of help.

HHUGS, Helping Households Under Great Stress, is a registered charity that was setup in September 2004 in response to the increasing number of 'anti-terror' arrests across the country...

Donate today!http://www.hhugs.org.uk/an-early-eid...t-is-open-/397

Abu Hurayrah said that Allaah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wasalam) said:

“Whoever helps a believer with a hardship from the hardships of this life, Allaah will help him with a hardship from the hardships of the Day of Resurrection.

Whoever shows leniency towards someone in difficultly, Allaah will show him leniency in this life and the hereafter.

Whoever conceals (the faults of) a Muslim, Allaah will conceal him in this life and the hereafter. And Allaah will continue to aid the servant as long as the servant aids his brother. (Sahih Muslim)


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- Qatada -
08-20-2012, 12:08 PM

Jazaakillahu khayran sister Insaanah.

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