View Full Version : Gaafar Nimeiry wheat/cotton production!

10-03-2012, 06:25 PM
There was an impressive program a few years ago about Nimeiry wanting to plant wheat after America imposed sanctions on the Cotton imported from Sudan, and a dirty game that was played that forced him into two years of study of the soil, the second and after he'd produced the reports that they told him it wasn't from accredited firms, then when he went with their suggestions they played another dirty game on how he'd finance it and what he has as collateral etc. until they forced their wheat production on him. Also showed how a center in Boston surveys the wheat production in the world so they can use it to pressure people the same way they do with loans..
If someone can find me that program I'd be really grateful. I think it was on PBS public broadcast channel or a similar one, maybe WLIW or something..
if you can find it or something similar that explains the above in more details and compassing more countries I'd be very appreciative...

Jazakoum Allah khyran

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