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10-05-2012, 10:03 PM
Salam my question is do you think Man Made Law Secular Law/ UnIslamic Law leads to a corrupt society and corruption ? I know the United States of America and many other Non Muslim Nations have a foreign policy that is attacking the Muslim World/Muslims/Islam do you think this is because the West is Secular therefor they don't like Sharia Law ? By foreign policy I mean the United States is supporting Zionism/the Jewish State of Israel/the Israeli State do you think this is because of their Secularism ? I mean if the United States was a Islamic State under Sharia Law America would not be supporting Zionism/Israel and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the American Army having Bases in Saudi Arabia and the Sanctions on Iraq that killed Iraqis and a big list of other crimes against Muslim People ? The Insults against Islam that Western People seem to go unpunished because they are saying it is freedom of speech based on the American Constitution what do you think ?

Man-made laws differ from Shari'ah in a number of significant ways.
Man-made law
1. Men make laws when they feel the need; these laws start from a few and then grow in number over the years.
2. Man-made laws are not permanent; they can be changed according to the time and circumstances. For example, in a particular country at a particular time, drinking alcohol may be banned; but this can change when public pressure grows. The American Government once banned alcoholic drink but removed the ban after a time because it could not be applied.
3. Man does not have knowledge of the future. Hence, manmade laws cannot stand the test of time.
4. Man is a created being. His laws are the creation of the created.
5. Man-made laws may be suitable for a particular nation or country. They cannot be universal.
6. Men make laws to suit their own needs. Suppose members of parliament want to decrease the rate of tax on rich, they would do so, even if the majority of the people suffered and there was high unemployment in the country.
Shari'ah or The Creator, Allah's law.
1. Islamic Law is complete and perfect and covers all aspects of human life.
2. Shari'ah is permanent for all people all the time. It does not change with time and conditions. For example, drinking alcohol and gambling are not allowed under Islamic law. No-one can change this; it is a law that is valid for all time and for all places.
3. Allah is All-knowing and All-powerful; He is the most Wise and His laws are the best and are complete.
4. Allah swt is the Creator and His laws are for men, His creation.
5. Allah's laws are for all nations, all countries and for all time. They are universal.6. Allah is above all needs. He is not dependent on anything, so His laws are for the good of all people and not for a few, selfish people.

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10-05-2012, 11:27 PM
The way I see it with man made laws, is like a dog that's always chasing its tail until it finally dies of exhaustion.
It is always going to be about how to fix something because you made an allowance in lieu of taking the preventative measures from the get go.
When you think of your human body your humoral and cellular immunity is a fantastic system of checks and balances, if anything tips the scales you're done for including if your body goes against itself. It doesn't for instance meet with a bacteria and say, well let me have some compassion and let it go with a slap on the rest. NO it immediately goes on the attack, it makes memory cells for armament just in case the bad guy comes again it will attack with vengeance, it raises your body temp so that it can do its job and you succumb to tiredness and not exert it is a perfect harmony, even if you overtly feel like crap, everything is harmonious working around the clock, doing its job and that's how society should function. Yes you'll encounter this and you'll encounter that but you'll be ready for it until your appointed time is up. Take care of it, it will take care of you.. Everything Allah swt has created in nations and systems of checks and balances.
When folks decide they can do better they've to be ready for the consequences and the consequences aren't just something that will trickle down on one individual but the whole constantly in debt defining what it means to be bankrupt, or depressed I mean there's a shocking number of teens into adults on anti depressants, but everything else that comes with it, including God's wrath.
Everywhere you look to the left and to the right, one fat guy eating for 8 and another who hasn't eaten for 8 days, one rich guy spending $2400 on his kid's outfit while another makes that much in two months, the rich guy may not have any talent or anything to contribute I mean just look at those Kardashians, the poor guy may have his masters in physics and engineering
like this guy who went to Dartmouth.

Now you tell me what kind of world we've created.. is this a fair world? a just world? a kind world? a righteous world?
I think you know the answer.. btw I know several people like that fellow from the video, some of them ivy leaguers but the fact that they're Muslim went a long way to establish their out of work status.


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