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01-06-2013, 11:56 AM

Is it true that no one can live a good life in this world? So that the life of the believer will only be patience with this life and its tests?

My feeling tells me that God doesn't abandon his slaves. Who is walking on the path of God and surrendered themselves to Him, God will be with them. God has promised the believers with a good life in this world, not only in the hereafter : {whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer-We will surely cause him to live a good life} {whoever is careful of (his duty to) God, He will make for him a way out, and provide for him from where he does not expect, Whoever puts his trust in God, He shall suffice him} The Quran.

We can see that in the stories of the prophets. If you see what happened to the prophets you'll know that God didn't abandon his slaves. God didn't abandon Josef for example, it's true that had been thrown into a well and entered prison, but let's not forget that he made up his mind to advance to the woman who tried to seduce him and that has its retribution. Those adversities are tests from God, but the end is always best for the pious in this life and the hereafter.

The prophet Muhammad in the battle of Badr was scared, because they were only planning to attack a caravan and didn't expect to find the whole army of Quraish. However, God replaced their fear with security and peace and they defeated Quraish.

The Issue is tied, and tied with a delicate bond. I see this in myself, that the more I'm pure in the inside and close to God the more life becomes good and easy. And if I taint this purity and move away from God I see the effect of that in everything around me, like being followed by bad luck. That is why I started to fear my sins because I know they'll eat me from the inside.

Moses peace be upon him had gone through horrors, he entered the pharaoh's castle and mocked his religion, even though his status is bad, because he's not an Egyptian, killed an Egyptian, doesn't speak clearly and has no one on his side except his brother, but did God abandon him?

Notice that even prophets encounter problems as a result of their mistakes. Look at the harsh lesson Moses took when was asked: who is the most knowledgeable on Earth? And he said: No one is more knowledgeable than me. Look at how difficult his situation is when Alkhidr dealt with him and addressed him as he addresses someone who knows nothing, even though Moses is a prophet! Also look at the Quran's admonition for the prophet Muhammad and how harsh it is.

It's impossible that there is no way to live a good life in this world. Doesn't everything has a solution? Notice how Abraham peace be upon him was never harmed even though he's among enemies, even the fire they sparked to burn him didn't harm him.

It's not only that God preserves them from harm, we also see that God treats them with warmheartedness and love, like the pumpkin tree God had put to keep the prophet Jonah's body from cold, for he had came out of the sea feeling cold, and God had put the tree to hug him with its leaves and cover him from cold and humidity, He didn't only save him from the whale.

The prophet Josef peace be upon him became a minister after he came out of prison, and his brother was with him {thus did We plan for the sake of Josef}. Why was his brother with him? Because Josef loves him and feels safe with him. Have you seen the Godly kindness? Josef gets out of prison to have the state within his hands, his brother with him, and his mother and father prostrate before him, have you seen the extreme kindness?

The Qur'an says that if a punishment was to come it only comes to wrongdoers who didn't care about the path of righteousness, and not to honest believers {We sent a sandstorm against them, except the family of Lut, whom We saved at the break of dawn}. Also, Ishmael wasn't sacrificed, he was ransomed with a great sacrifice, and the name of Ishmael and Abraham remained immortal and their enemies were forgotten except those mentioned in the context of the story of Abraham. Those who were looked down upon by others God made them the most dignified. {indeed, your enemy is the one cut off} and here is the name of the prophet Muhammad repeated five times a day across the globe.

In this moment and in every moment there is someone who prays for the prophet, and his name is mentioned in the call for prayer (Adhan), not the name of those who hated him from Quraish. While who said he'll be cut off because he has no children are the ones who were cut off. Actually, is there any one whose name is mentioned like Muhammad? He is considered the most influencing character in history!

Notice when Solomon peace be upon him said : {My Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me}, did he imagine that the jinns, wind, and birds will be part of his kingdom? No, he was imagining a normal kingdom, because he can't imagine that the wind will carry him or that the birds will talk to him or that the jinn will work for him, i.e. he didn't only become king of humans but also animals, jinns, and even insects. Reflect upon the divine giving, it's something you don't expect { And will provide for him from where he does not expect}, God's giving isn't like the giving of humans. At the same time God will not let your faith go to waste, even when you have mistaken and sinned God doesn't abandon you and doesn't neglect your faith { Allah was not going to make your faith to be fruitless }, and yet atheists say that God is cruel and merciless!

Look how God treats His prophets to see how merciful and warm-hearted He is. Notice the aged Zackary who {prayed to His Lord in secret}, he prayed to God not to leave him alone with no children even though he's old and his wife is barren, and yet she becomes pregnant and gives birth. This means that God answers the call of the honest and righteous people. God is loving and forgiving, and also his grip and strong, and the matter is in your hands. You decide what your relationship with God is like, do you continue on the path of slavery to God or do you stop at a certain point?

One of the righteous people once said that he sees the effect of his sin in his ride and childe, and that's is true. From my experience, if you honestly asked for forgiveness this effect wears away. Look when the prophets glorified God and asked for His forgiveness the effect of the sin immediately went away, as in the story of Jonah who went away in anger, { had he not been of those who glorify God, he would have remained inside its belly until the Day of Resurrection }.

The prophet Muhammad used to ask God for forgiveness more than a hundred times per day. Asking God's forgiveness isn't mere utterances, it's a return to God. So seek God's forgiveness as soon as you find yourself doing a bad deed, {And those who, if they commit a shameful act or some wrong against themselves, remember God and seek forgiveness for their sins}. We need to constantly ask the refuge of God to protect us from falling into sin, and we need to ask for His forgiveness for the bad things we did or thought about. The Devil starts with an idea or an image to end with an act.

Who didn't surrender his life to God doesn't understand those meanings. Who doesn't believe in God or is ignorant of faith might imagine that Muslims can sin all they like and God will take care of forgiving those sins as soon as they ask for forgiveness. However, when a true Muslim commits a sin he has actually deviated from the path of slavery to God a little, and his quest for forgiveness is a return to this whole path and not only from this particular sin he committed, he's asking to forgive being away from Him. God said: { And those who, if they commit a shameful act or some wrong against themselves, remember God and seek forgiveness for their sins} i.e they did it while being away from God. As for who intentionally do bad deeds and then ask for forgiveness afterwards: {repentance is not of those who constantly commit sins, and when death approaches one of them, he says, “I repent now"} this isn't what seeking forgiveness is.

Repentance is for who have intended to live their whole life for God, and if deviated from this path they immediately ask for forgiveness and return to it. This person feels afraid and regretful when s/he asks for forgiveness. The Arabic word "estegfar" which -means asking forgiveness- came from the word "tagfeer" which means: to bury, as if it's one bad thing that you want to bury while the rest is good. You can't ask for forgiveness for a life path you chose, you can't say : God I've chosen my life path to be a selfish materialist so forgive me this sin! The whole issue is about your choice for your path in life. God forgives those who are on the right path but made a mistake and then regretted it. In other words, what this believer did is that he refuses to have this evil as his/her life path so they seek forgiveness to return to their original path. And this person isn't like who sins all he likes and then says: when I grow old and sick I'll go to Mecca and repent there! When life was about to leave he said I'll repent!

The bet is on life }my prayers and my sacrifices, and my living and my dying are all for God, the Lord Of The Creation{. You can't say that that person is repentant, it's life that left him, i.e had life been a little longer he wouldn't have repented. This is like the person who takes your car and plays around with it even though you wanted it and asked him to give it back, and when its fuel is about to finish he comes back and says : I came to give it back as you asked! This is a foolish and snaky act.

Slavery to God doesn't only mean that you get beaten and be tortured for the sake of God. Slavery to God is to know God in prosperity so that he knows you in adversity, so know God in your good times and they'll continue : {whoever fears God-God will create for him a way out}. Dealing with God is built on morality, and who repent after life left them aren't acting morally, because they gave God their attention when the most important thing to them has or almost went away which is life.

We should have a wondering philosophical spirit and meditate what happens around and not marginalize it just because it has happened.

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01-11-2013, 05:01 AM
This life is a test, we have to be free of every sin, no matter how hard it would be, and no matter how people views us all. Remembering that much of the population around thinks that it's smart to act over God's rules, but it's wrong.

We can live a great life, we just have to do the things which benefit would benefit us and violates none of the religious references.

That's how i view.

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