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nour elhoda
01-30-2013, 08:30 PM

Before discussing the different religions , we have to know the meaning of " religion " in general.
Religion is the belief in the existence of a supreme being who is divine & unseen & that controls the whole universe & managed all matters that concern humankind. Thus He is worthy of obedience & worship.
Human need for religion has to do with the essence of life. In other words, it's an essential human need which derives from Man's need to know about himself & the whole universe around him . Man has many questions that have always occupied the concern of philosophers such as :

1-From where did he come ? & did he come here by chance , on his own , or there is a creator ??

2-The second main question is where are we going to go afterlife ?

3-Why people were brought into existence? Why people were endowed with mind & volition which distinguishes man from other creatures ?, why everything in the universe seems to be in Man's service ? Is there a purpose to his existence?? How can this purpose is realized?

It is only religion that gives man the answer to these questions. It teaches Man that he hasn't come to the universe by chance or on his own , but he was created by a great creator who is God.
God created man & fashioned him perfectly, endowed him with hearing, eyesight, mind & heart.
According to religion, the universe wasn't created haphazardly or aimlessly , it's under a divine control , it is a grant from God to mankind to enjoy it's blessings and reflect on the divine signs which verify it's creator.
Am going to clarify the answers to the above questions one by one according to the religion's perspective …..

Nour Elhoda


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