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View Full Version : A few things to learn from the story about Iblees

02-22-2013, 03:36 AM
:sl: hey, I think most of us know the story of how Iblis became a disbeliever when he refused to bow down to Prophet Adam a.s. when he was told to. Well guess what, I watched a video about it again just to refresh my memory about this incident and I'm actually amazed by this incident.

So here you have a being who used to be one of the best worshiper of Allah and was ranked greatly among the angels(I think he was the second most powerful creature at that time). But how low he has become due to his arrogance and jealousy that strike his heart when he looked at Prophet Adam a.s. because he was just made of clay and he was made out of fire.

I think we can learn a few morals to this story..

1.No matter how pious you are, you can't guarantee yourself that you won't become a disbeliever in the future and you have to keep making Dua that you won't be one and ask the Almighty to be among the believers in the hereafter.

2.Allah still accepts his Dua even though he has transgressed His command. By looking at this example, we are suppose to make taubah to Allah if we had sinned and not give up because even the accursed one was granted dua.

3.We can choose to sin or fight our desires. Iblees was given a chance to repent when he disbelieved in Allah but he fed his anger and didn't fight it back in the end he became a disbeliever

4.Iblees promises to Allah s.w.t. that he would lead the son of adam(us) astray except, for the ones who are sincere. So let's be sincere in all our deeds not just because we don't want Iblees to mess with us but because we want to be sincere for the sake of Allah s.w.t.

Any mistakes I made here please point out tq

Here the lecture I watched: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD_5f6jIVdk

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