View Full Version : Good-girl gone bad (not me)

02-28-2013, 01:00 AM
I've mentioned this briefly in another post, but i have a friend who until December was one of my closest friends, she left college and ended up doing apprenticeship and here she came into contact with these girls and guys who completely changed her (and not in a good way). She started attending parties which served alcohol, and the most party like thing we done before was sit in our common room and sing to teletubbies. The burkha she once wore is now replaced with tight clothing, although her hijab has remained its now been replaced by those weird camel hump thingies?:hmm: which make some sisters look like they have another head concealed by their scarf material (no offence). Her way of speaking is now slang which i can't understand and i have recently been 'blessed' with new found knowledge that 'spud' means 'agree' and all this time i thought it was just a potato.
She was such a good girl before and has changed drastically .i really want to approach her and make her realise the changes and give her a wakeup call . But i dont know how to approach her about this....she can be really scary at times (and im a coward imsad) I feel like if i dont help her now and she falls deeper into shaytans clutches im going to be partly responsible for it, cause i could have helped prevent ...things

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02-28-2013, 10:58 PM
i think in this age, every person is at peak of his/her emotions to enjoy life and its is really a difficult thing to make them understand bcz usually they don't listen to anyone. but the best u can do is to pray a lot bcz to whom He guide none can misguide and to who He want give hidaya, He make ways for him/her regardless of circumstances they are involved in. and secondly be polite and kind with her.

02-28-2013, 11:06 PM
Let her do her thang, sister... when she will need a REAL sister (oh and she will), you will be there for her - make sure you remind her of what the true value of friendship is - and not this fake pass time friends malarky she is in now.

I can tell you one thing right now sister, your friend is gonna fall... HARD!

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