View Full Version : A Nightmare on YOUR Street

Abu Loren
03-04-2013, 06:28 PM
Alhamdulilah you’ve just finished praying Fajr at the masjidand you feel so happy because you feel privileged as the rest of the world andmost Muslims are sleeping. The streets have slowly sprung into life as the 24hour city needs to fill all the shops with today’s trade. As you are walking along people can see theinner peace and happiness inside you. They are puzzled, why is he so happy thisearly? From his beard and his appearance they can tell that ‘he’s one of those’.
Parallel to him on the road, a black van with blacked outwindows suddenly screeched to a halt a few paces in front of him. For a split second he thought they might haveran over a cat or an old lady walked in front of the van. Suddenly, four burlymen got out and sprinted towards him, he turned to his side as if to let thempass. The four men grabbed the young man and put a black hood over his head andcarried him to the black van.
The young man taken to a secret military installation, putin a cell, tortured and questions asked. He is taken to a private jet and flown out of the country. He has lostall sense of time as except for a brief moment when he was tortured his hoodwas always on his head. Every time he regains consciousness, he wonders whattime it is and if it’s time for prayer, he prays anyway with his hands and legstied and with a hood on his head.
After a while, he doesn’t know how long he’d been there, hemanages to talk to other prisoners and they tell him that he is in GuantanamoBay, Cuba.
He wonders to himself, what kind of world this is wheninnocent people can be taken off the street by the military and put in a prisonwithout a trial. He wonders if there is no law against what has happened to himand can the perpetrators get away with breaking every International law thatthere is. Does justice exist in this world?
He says to himself “O Allah! You are the best of Judges andI know You will judge between us”.

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