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Urban Turban
03-17-2013, 09:54 AM

Why don't we chronicle blogs / websites run by members here - a thread dedicated for the purpose. Post links to your blog / sites with a brief overview about what you mainly write about and I'll include them in the first post here.

Here's mine:

1. www.theijtema.com - Bringing Muslims Together®

There's not really one main thing that I wish to post about, so you may find not just book reviews, scans of rare books, translations of beneficial lectures, poems, rare anecdotes of the great scholars / personalities of the past, exclusive audios and videos, but even product reviews, tutorials etc. - my site is still in stage alpha then as I wish to call it.

I'm not a Scholar but am very close to them, connected with them, (All praise be to Allah) so (Allah willing) my idea is to present their writings, their words in a form that we the laymen would prefer to read and understand - so its very likely you won't find any of my own writings on Islamic matters on the site.

Very importantly, Allah willing, you will never come across anything on the site that could divide the Muslims and only that which connects us.

Make dua for barakah, steadfastness, sincerity and ease.

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Sothis Girl
03-17-2013, 03:26 PM
Good initiative, akhi! :) Though actually, the link exchange subforum exactly serve this purpose.

Here's mine (**nervous mode on :phew**) : http://decodingeden.com (as in my signature).

It's a spiritual growth-focused blog, covering topic on heart purification, inner reflection, and self improvement. At times backed with practical psychology or simple philosophy. And there's also the weekly email newsletter on some Islamic reminders or self improvement stuff that's mostly not covered in the blog post.

I try my best to not making this blog's writings a fluffy mumbo jumbo, but down-to-earth and practical. However Decoding Eden is still toddler, so I don't know if it's good enough or not....

You can't imagine how freaking nervous I am when setting up this blog. I have fear people will calling me out stuff like "sufi" or "deviant" or baseless because of the way I write. I try my best to make it as practical as possible, yet adhering to Qur'an and Sunnah.

I'm not a scholar, psychologist, or philosopher. But I only want to present how Islam inspires the positivity values in our lives -- and how life can be seen in different, empowering way. A hadith that inspired the birth of Decoding Eden : "Verily, this deen is vast. Hence embrace its depth with gentleness" (Sahih Ahmad)

And I try too to make this blog also non-muslim friendly. This is not meant to indoctrinate, but to enlighten. Some points in this blog could appeal with them. But of course I don't water down Islam in this.

And that's all I thought (/finish ramble :statisfie)

Muslim Woman
03-17-2013, 04:11 PM

as already stated , we have a section for Link exchange.'


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