View Full Version : How do I honor my family, and please my parents?

03-17-2013, 09:37 PM
Asalam-o-Alaikum brothers and sisters,

I am a 16 year old boy living in UK, I have recently changed my ways to the straight path and quit alot of things, which my parents had no clue about (e.g smoking, going out with girls) < which i truly regret, and have asked for repentance many times. as you know in our western culture these things are very common, but now that i have stopped these things and made better friends, and left the friends who my parents used to hate, my parents still do not really be grateful for me, I know i sound selfish, but i could atleast get a little time out of the house, maybe a little tiny bit more respect? My brother who is in uni atm, smokes weed, smokes, etc; But in the house my parents give him more respect than me, almost like i'm invisible, the only times they interact with me is when i have to revise, i hardly go out except to the masjid, which my parents stop me from going because i have to revise and they think its just an excuse to stop reading. So anyways, my parents know that my brother smokes weed, yet they never ask him where he's going. While I go out for a max of 3 hours on saturdays or sundays mostly to play football or eat, and my parents alwaays come and find me to see what im doing.

My sister has got married, and my brother in law also smokes weed, with my brother, therefore when we go out (even knowing im trying to fix up) they smoke weed infront of me, always giving a bad impression and then they wonder why i got into the stuff before. So please tell me what to do? the only thing keeping me sane atm is Allah

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