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Urban Turban
03-18-2013, 12:14 PM
Assalaamu wa alay wa rahmatullaah wa barakath,

Many events in the history of Muslims indicate that the Muslim scholars changed the course of history by their influence and guidance of the ruling classes of Islam. Lets look at some of the incidents.
8. The Forthrightness of Allamah Ibn Taymiyyah and his refusal to sell Shari’at.

During the caliphate of Abbaside caliph of Egypt, al-Mustakfi Billah, the non-Muslim subjects put in a petition requesting for cancellation of certain peculiar laws applicable only to the Muslims. They offered to pay him 700,000 Dinars every yet this favour. The caliph and his minister both were inclined to but Allama lbn Taymiyyah intervened and said:
“The injunctions the Shariat Law of Islam cannot be sold away for any amount”.

The caliph had to agree to the ‘Fatwa’ issued by the Imam, much to his dislike, He rejected the petition of non-Muslims.

5. How Harsama Bin Aa-Yein Corrected the Abbaside Caliph Al-Hadi.

The Abbaside caliph Al-Ha’di desired to nominate his son as his successor before his death. He called for a meeting of the dignitaries of the state to obtain their approval.
This decision would have deprived Haroon Rashid, his brother, of the office of caliphate.

The dignitaries kept quite and withheld their opinion. But Harsama Bin Aa-Yein, a religious scholar, made courage and spoke out the truth boldly, saying: “O Caliph!

Your proposed step is wrong. Your father had made you and your brother Haroon Rashid – both successors – one after the other. Now that you are disregarding the will of your father to bestow caliphate on your son and deprive your brother, what guarantee is there that your wrong decision will not be altered after your death?”

Hadi was so much impressed by the candid speech of Harsama Bin Aa-Yein that he addressed the audience in anger and said:

“Woe to you all who have deceived me. Only my master (Harsama) has expressed the truth and has been my well-wisher.”

The outspokenness and dare of Harsama had saved the Ummah from a great political turmoil.

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