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03-19-2013, 03:13 PM
As-salamu alaykum I have a good friend who is Hispanic or Mexican American he is from San Diego California I was eating Lunch with him the other day and he was asking me if I knw of any Hispanic or Latin American Muslims I told him they do exist there are Muslims in all races and cultures and nations but I told him you know Im a White American and Muslim even though I have American Indian or Native American Ancestry but Islam is for all Humanity. From what I learned most Mexicans are of Aztec Indian and Spanish Ancestry God sent Prophets to all nations thank you ? I also have African American or Black Friends and Asian and Chinese American Friends as well as Hispanic American Friends they all respect Islam.

Mexico Discovers Islam

A new generation of Muslims is introducing Islam

to Mexicans.

By Michelle Al-Nasr

Mexico may be well on its way to a monotheistic revolution. This new trend is
emerging from recent developments, and reflects a similar change evident in
other South American nations - people are embracing Islam by the thousands,
jettisoning the Catholicism imposed upon their ancestors in Spain.

Mexico has a rich history. The people of pre-Columbian Mexico, the Mayans, led a life similar to Native American Indians and were pantheists who relied upon high priests to mediate with their nature gods. Locked in wars and short of food, they gradually were wiped out and replaced by the Aztecs. These people believed in a polytheistic religion based on the world's constant creation and destruction. Their religion taught them that disasters could be averted only through warfarre and human sacrifice. By the sixteenth century, the Aztecs ruled a large part of Mexico.

In the early 1500's, Spanish conquistadors from Cuba and Spain came to
pillage Mexico's natural resources - namely gold - and find glory. Cortez, the
most infamous conquistador, posed as an Aztec god to mystify and trick people
into joining forces with him. He conquered the Aztecs in less than 3 years, and
set up "New Spain."


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