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03-24-2013, 06:51 PM
Alsalamu Alykon brothers and sisters,

I'm WELL aware that gold is not permitted for men, whether it's white or yellow gold to distinguish between males and females. But I have read online that if the small amount of gold in a watch for example is used for mechanical purposes or in very small amounts that it can't be seen by people, then it's permitted, is that true?

If we think about it, since the gold can't be seen, it won't really tell that the man is trying to be like a woman and therefore I assume it's permitted but not sure.

The watch I want to get inshallah is a Rolex Explorer (I can't post links yet but you can search Rolex Explorer I to see it) Please it's Explorer I and not Explorer II. The watch is TOTALLY made of steel, except that the hands of the watch are made of small amount of white gold to prevent rust and oxidation so that it still looks new after many years. It is obviously used for mechanical purposes and nobody can really notice it has any gold at all and therefore it's not used to show off the gold.

Is it still haram to buy/wear it?


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