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abo mussaab
04-15-2013, 05:21 AM
Al-Mutakabir, a beautiful name of Allah meaning the supremely great. When a human is mutakabir, it refers to arrogance which is a major sin !!! Those who are arrogant will be ressurected on the day of Judgement in the form of ants; they will be humiliated from all sides.

The first sin EVER to be committed was Arrogance, when iblees refused to prostrate when Allah told him to prostrate.

Arrogance can be split into 3-

1) A person who does not accept truth and produces false arguments against it.
2) One who looks down on other people.
3) One who admires him/herself, their beauty and the fruitness of their food and clothing!

Think of yourself like all other people; they are like you.. all of us were born from a mother and a father and the only think that seperates us in the eyes of Allah is our PIETY, which only Allah knows !

You could be a big shot but a small headache or a flu could put you down for days.

Be proud, Don't be arrogant !

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