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06-15-2013, 03:40 AM
As Salaam Alaikum my question is there a diffrence between Zakat vs Welfare in the United States and the Western World ? I ask because in America where I live people say Welfare can and does keep people dependent on the Government or on Hand outs and that it makes the poor people lazy and not want to work or find a job or employment to support themselves my question is how would Zakat in an Islamic State be any diffrent can anyone tell me the diffrence or have a link ? I have also heard and read that in Islamic History that the Caliphate and the Caliph got rid of Poverty and fonund no one to give money to from the State Treasury what does the Islamic Economy do diffrent that works that Western Capitalist Nations don't do ? In a Caliphate can the Poor who get Zakat be helped to find employment or start a business or get a loan or a grant or help to buy or rent a home/house you get my point correct my question is how would Islam's Economics help poor people not be dependent their whole lives because it makes people feel better more happy less depression if they can support themselves by working is being lazy and not wanting to work or trying to take advantage of government services is this haram ?

In addition, the poor and disabled were guaranteed cash stipends. However, in order to avoid some citizens taking advantage of government services, "begging and laziness were not tolerated" and "those who received government benefits were expected to be contributing members in the community."[2]


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06-15-2013, 05:49 AM
Salaam Truthseeker63,

There is multiple layers to your question. One is about the system, the other is about the people. Even these two categories have sub topics. I have read that the sums collected just from the Hajj (can't remember whether it included the umrah too) yearly was enough to wipe out poverty in the muslim world. That does not include what we collect from zakat or the oil revenue (if we were to be under a caliphate rule).

So if that is a fact, the Caliphate would be extremely wealthy to undertake ambitious projects to develop the ummah.

I presume the lowest level of zakat is to eradicate poverty, it does not prevent the development programs to improve the quality of life of the ummah, either depending on the size of the funds available.

However, on an individual basis, it is not possible to determine with 100% certainty on the intentions of those seeking compassion because of laziness etc. This is an attitude that has become more prevalent in this day and age and it really requires community effort to help eradicate these selfish ways.

The real problem with the Western world is that the economy is based on profits. As such, those who strive hard to make the profit would feel hard done by it when their hard earned profits that are taken is seen to be spent on those lazy people who do not contribute and benefit from the system. Whereas the muslim system of trade is more about moderation and contribution is given with sincerity to be used back in the road of Allah. That we are able to give back to society is a reward in itself for the blessing we are given.

Those who contribute to the zakat have done their obligation and what happens to it after the fact has no real bearing on them.

Hope my 2 cents worth clears it a bit for you. :hmm:

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