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09-03-2013, 06:51 PM
Salam Alikom,

Some shubohat are repeating themselves all the time so I would write the answers of all them in summary to save time.

1- Muslim means a person who submit in Arabic, not from peace as they say,to one God so all prophets prayers and peace be upon them were ordered to submit but one religion was called Muslims which include submitting to one god and the fiqh issues such praying 5 times..etc so Jesus was a Muslim which means to submit to one God and as we are Muslims are submitters as Jesus peace be upon him and also Muslims which is related to the religion of Islam that includes different "Tashree" orders. Example a person is could work as a smith and has last name as a smith.

2- Wife beating. Scholars agreed in the quran that beating means a phsychological thing which with a siwak and our prophet prayers and peace be upon him adviced a woman (bint Qays) in an authentic hadeeth not to marry a man because he beats up woman badly.

3- Qadar. Qadar some we are forced to such our father and mother Allah chose them to us also Risq and "luck" and some is giving to us according to our actions like faith, so if we are sincere and work hard Allah will guide them if not Allah will misguide them. This is supported to an authentic hadeeth.

4- Niqab it is from the deen. The Jilbab which is in the quran is what we call niqab. The khimar in the quran is what we call Hijab such in surat Ahzab and Nour. It has good argument from both sides whether it is Wajib or recommended.

5- Evolution watch expelled no intelligence allowed for ben stein

6- Science and religion, science explain how stuff work not who made these stuff science needs material like a chemichal reaction needs C + o2---- CO2 without C and O there is no chemstry

7- Takfeer. Are the ones who rule with non islamic rulling are not Muslims. ALL scholars and companions agreed that if someone is rulling with non Islamic rulling but belive in it, is a Muslim go to all the tafseer of verses of surat Alamaida that is related such Ibn Abbas, Hassa, Tawwos, Attaa

8- Why more than one wife. Muslims in their prime used to be Mujahdeen all the time and many women would have their husbands as shuhadah they cant left alone such Asma bin omays who had 4 husbands who were shuhada including Ali ibn abi talib.

9- Aisha getting married at the age of 9. Puberty age in Russia is 14 and 11 in Afreca bodies differ also time has a huge affect. Puberty age dropped 7 years in the last century (google it) in the U.S. so before 1400 years at the age of 9 women were ready to get married.

10- Isbal, pants above the ankle. If it is not out of arrogance it is NOT haram and the scholars are the Jomhour such from Shafie Nawai and Ibn Hajar, From Hanbali Shaikh al islam. Also Alshawkani said the samething. People who said that is Haram both ways are the current scholars beisde some like IBn alarabi and others. The Hadeeth is clear in Bukhari when our prophet prayres and peace be upon him told Abu bakir you dont do it out of arrogance so it is OK and there is no exception from the religion to a Human even if it is Abu bakir as our prophet prayers and peace be upon him said if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad steeled I wouldve cut her hand

11- Any thing is Fard Aid we have to do it and we dont need to ask permission from anybody.

12- Women in Islam. Women and men are not equal they are different, every one has a duty. Woman has to obey her husband while the man has to fight for the sake of Allah or support the family. Allah made us this way. Look at all of these single equal moms who work nightshifts in fast food reasturant becuase they are equal...etc

13- Which group should I follow Ikhwan, Salafi..etc Dont call yourself any thing Allah called us Muslims. Every group has its pros and cons so just take the pros and leave the cons. Forexample have a long beard because it is the order of the prophet prayers and peace be upon him but dont call Morsi a Kafir and follow the companions. Be humble but dont do inivations in deen...etc

14- Who created God. God created the cause and the effect rule so this rule applies on the creation not the creator and stop here and Ask Allah to protect you from Shytan as our prophet prayers and peace be upon him ordered us.

Thats what I recall usually they keep talking about the samethings again and again jazakom Allah khair.

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