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09-06-2013, 10:27 PM
People question why Satan became evil, and why he is allowed to continue, and even to with the Jews they now like to say that he works for God as they felt uncomfortable (after changing their text), on explaining him as they have done with Hell saying this does not exist (because they couldn't explain why a Merciful God created Hell). (this is not a comparative religion just using that as an example on those who don't understand).

Satan refused to prostrate before the Prophet Adam peace be upon him, there have been those that like to portray him as the innocent party explaining that he didn't want to commit idol worship. It is not about idol worship but about obedience to God-were this is why God does not accept him as he was being disobedient to God and not to Prophet Adam peace be upon him. (the Christians do not explain as much on the events that led to Satan being evil).

If you were in heaven, NO ONE would oppose God, he is in charge, he is perfect, no one would say he is a bad being, they are happy with the way he does things and no one has any complaints about him, which also includes Satan. Of course people will accept him so how will that test people?? So by creating someone -the Prophet Adam peace be upon him and simply asking those to accept him as better then them showed if they were obedient or disobedient to Allah (what other way would people think that he would have tested their loyality??).

Before Prophet Adam peace be upon him was created, Satan already knew this, when even the angels were enquiring with God would you create those who spread corruption in the earth. Satan already had plenty of time to sort himself out before the Prophet Adam peace be upon him came into being. This also shows that whilst living in heaven, he was comparing himself to others and wanting to be better just as people do in this world in business etc). As no matter what a person has, if God decides to give to something greater-there is nothing that person can do to be better then the other.

By refusing to prostrate himself to Prophet Adam peace be upon him he was disobedient to Allah

The same test in this world;-

By refusing to accept the Prophet Noah peace be upon him, those were disobedient to Allah,

By refusing to accept the Prophet Lut peace be upon him, those were disobedient to Allah.

This is were Allah mentions in the Quran were people are being haughty (Even though they accepted lewd behaviour etc), when they opposed the Prophets who were in better conduct then them. They used to say, why should Allah choose him as a Prophet-why should they ask, are they saying that they should be chosen insteadf?? Have they found a better man then the Prophet Lut peace be upon him that they question he right?? (they rejected the Prophets as Satan rejected the Prophet Adam peace be upon him) They couldn't find anyone better, they disputed with the Prophet for the life of this world,

People wanted to look for the life of this world, it is no different if you went to people getting on with their lives, if you spoke of the Day of Judgement even for 5 minutes out of their 50 years of living in this world, they would take it as you are spoiling their way of living, even though it is a message and a warning, hence the Prophets known as Messengers and warners. Allah gave the message as it is the truth, and this is were Allah has stated in the Quran that people reject the truth and not something that they thought was wrong). Allah would not be sending Prophets to tell people to turn to the one God, if they couldn't recognise the truth, the more they reject the message, the more their hearts get hardened)

So these wrongdoers are making the same mistake as Satan by not accepting the Prophets. We are tested on how we treat other people as of course if you were just standing before God, then how would you be tested???

Of course it also shows that human and jinn have their own will to choose what they like and dislike, and they are not oppressed in that even in Heaven (Paradise is a seperate place to Heaven in Islam). That people happily accept God and worship him truly, but in Satan's case no matter how many times he prayed did not avail him because he did it out of pride and Allah allows people to have what they strive for, hence Satan doing well in heaven. At least the message that all the Prophets ie Prophet Moses, Noah, Lut, Muhammad, Moses, Ibrahim peace be upon them gave is to worship the one God, believe in the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell -it is a basic message given to those who are even illiterate.

In Islam the focus of attention is God, and not on us as the Christians like to see themselves on the receiving end of it, even the angels bow down to Allah in prayer and go around Allah's throne. At least the message is fair and easy as for God to send someone to Hell is a very, very , very, very good reason. As Allah stated in the Quran the wrongdoers will be disowning each other on the Day of Judgement, wishing that they had not sided with the wrongdoers ie those who accept sex outside of marriage, homosexuality etc. We are not asking for people to attack others, as we live side by side with wrongdoers, but that we always show disapproval of their actions, at least they know that this is not what we support them in. We don't force people to be good, as Allah stated to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that it is only for you to convoy the message, as if you forced someone to be good, that doesn't show that they are truly good, and whatever they do -it is the choice that Allah has allowed them to make.


Then comes to the point on why people get sent to Hell, it is rather that they undervalue their evil deeds, and take it as if they have done a light thing. There is no difference if you were in heaven and you rejected God. There is no difference in going up to women in Paradise and telling them to have sex outside of marriage (treating people badly). Satan and the rest of the devils will be going to Hell themselves and not running the place, why should Allah exempt them from punishment when he is willingly punishing the humans? Satan is leading people into the Hell fire, on a Day that people would have wished they were in line with the Prophets Jesus, Moses, Solomon, David and Job peace be upon them.

Allah has never made a mistake, he did not make one when he created you, people wrong themselves, he wrongs them not, that is why they are sent to Hell. (Allah knows everything, and who will go to Paradise and Hell-of course we expect him to know everything as he is God, that doesn't mean we can live and be tested, why should we live as if we are going to know everything that is going to happen to us??). Just because people send themselves to Hell, that doesn't mean that Allah is going to undo what he has done-why should he undo his creation making, just because you have turned into being evil??

In Islam we do not differentiate between the Prophets, we speak of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him much as we benefited from his teachings more, but it has shown that if Allah did not allow us to have him, we would have been far astray as the Jews (for changing texts, now saying that Hell does not exist, treating the Prophets like politicians in helping them live in this world rather then looking towards the next, as they are not here to make sure you have your homes and your food sources, and with the Christians who commit idol worship for saying that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is their saviour), could not help us to heed the message that was given to the Prophets Noah, Moses, Ibrahim peace be upon him etc to worship the one God, accept the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell.

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