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09-10-2013, 07:17 PM
In the name of Allah the most merciful. The best among us is our prophet prayers and peace be upon him and by following his Sunnah we are doing the best that we can do though it is impossible to follow all of his Sunnas. There are more than 1000 sunnas of our prophet prayers and peace be upon him so it is going to be very hard, but we just try as much as we can. Many people misunderstand Zuhd and some of the Sahaba had this misunderstanding as well but our prophet prayers and peace be upon him corrected them so they stopped in the famous hadeeth that one did not want to marry women and the other wanted to pray all night and the third wanted to pray all night, so the prophet corrected them as it is narrated in the Hadeeth.

Many many people that I know personally pushed themselves over the limit and ended up getting an opposite reaction so we have to be careful because in an authentic Muslim and Bukhari hadeeth our prophet prayers and peace be upon him said no one will overpush themeselves with the deen but the deen will defeat him which means will overwhelmed him and make him sick and board (1) such people who will fast the whole year and so on, they will give up in the end. (2)

In the Holy Quran Al-Araf 32 Allah says in which mean who did make taking care of ourselves and wearing good clothes Haram and the good from Rizk or the bounties that Allah bestowed on you. These bounties will be both the believers and disbelievers in Dunia but just the believers will take the good after life. (3)It is actually a sunnah to wear good and look good of course for women to her husband and Muhrams. Our prophet prayers and peace be upon him said no one will enter paradise and he has a grain weight of arrogance, so a companion said o our prophet a person likes to wear good cloth and nice shoos, so our prophet prayers and peace be upon him said Allah is beautiful loves beauty, arrogance is rejecting the truth after knowing it and belittiling people(4) (5)

So if I want to dress well, and eat well how can I be a Zahid?The answer reported it Ibn Alkayim from his Shaikh Ibn Taymyah, what a beautiful definition, he said Zuhd is to leave anything that would not beneficial you in the hereafter. You can leave watching unnecessary videos on Youtube, or soccer..etc which wont give you any beneficial in the hereafter. But if you dress well in an intention of being beautiful because Allah love beauty or eating well because Allah criticized the ones who make this good food Haram as Ibn Abbas said. One of the top zahids is Othman though he was one of the wealthiest but he bought heaven two times with this money in hadeethes of Tabook, and the water tank.

1- Explination of the Hadeeth from Ibn hajar and Ibn Othaimein2- Ibn Alkayim Madarij Alsalkeen 495/23- Tafseer Alkortobi Alaraf 324- Explanation of the two sentences from Monajid Islamqa5- Sahih Muslim the Hadeeth

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Ahmad H
09-11-2013, 04:55 AM
Very nice topic and very well explained, Mashallah. I really like that you brought this up. I had this misunderstanding too until recently when I read those Ahadith about wearing good clothes. As long as we follow the Deen and our actions are all for the sake of Allah and not ourselves, then we have abandoned this world for the Hereafter.

In fact, some scholars have written how people used to dress in Faqir clothing to appear more righteous, thus they wore tattered clothing for pride, not for the sake of Allah. So a man with great clothes could be many ranks higher in the sight of Allah than a person with poor clothing. This blew my mind when I read about it.

May Allah reward you for helping others such as myself be guided to the right path.

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