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Plz Answer Me
10-26-2013, 01:45 PM

My friend asked me a question she is really confused. she don't know where else to ask...she have many friends and family but their knowledge is still below.She asked her mom and dad. They are confused too. she have been having debate with her Aunt in real life. And its serious.Please help her with your islamic knowledge.

Her words:

//Its very long story...i dont know where to start.., im not good at writing from the beginning.
I tried to soften my jihad by saying im worried about her iman and akhirat....she said why worry? Shes fine...and not sinning..i said its sin aunty...she said its not sin..she still believes in one god...not shirk..she said, its just business..nothing more....i said, god is testing aunty...whether want to take this and rely in this power...not to god...she said im wrong, its actually relying on gods power...i said, just cos it has power doesnt mean god ridha about it....she said, it happens coa god permits it...i said, its for test aunty...dont fall into evils trap...she said its not evil...its business...seeking money...its blessing from god....rizq from god....i said its haram stuff aunty..haram money...she said how come its haram...i said..by inviting magicians and doing rituals for amulets.....she said, she doesnt do the rituals...shes only doing her task, to check and test the stuff....she said in kitab, about business...selling item without checking or knowing what it has, its haram...thats why shes testing...i said, yes, correct, but thats for safe trading..safe business....not this...in kitab many kind of business...seek other business...leave this...she said, whats wrong with this business? Shes not doing wrong....i said its syubhat aunty...not clear....syubhat is haram aunty...leave it...come on..god already determined our rizq before universe was created...why risking our iman? She said? Theres nothing wrog with her iman...her iman is okay...why worry....i said, please aunty...leave it...there are still many kind of business...please dont despair....she said, this is the only chance god opens to her...what else she could do? Shes asking me...now tell me...what business i can do? I have no capital...(shes talking like u) this business needs no money..it also gives high profits....tell me...what else i could do.....i said but we still can eat without such business....she said yes...shop is enough to feed us....but this business is side job..dont worry..its only side job...i said...but aunty...im worried angel will write it as sin...eventhough u think its not....ahe said...ohhh dont think that far...god didnt ask us to think about what angel thinks....i said but angel decide its sin cos angel knows from god its sin...and god determines its sin not only for angels to know...we could know its sins too...auty said, ohh u lack of 3lm ....then i gave up to continue .
After i came again, aunty was still discussing about the amulets with uncle...and the appoinments and bla bla bla..i was too sick to listen...i tried to pray in heart to that god givea her hidayah....and opens rizq from other ways...hhh i even almost offered my assets...for jihad saving her...but she still said, no matter what, even if other rizq comes she will still in that business....cos its promising to her...coa she holds the ace card...all amulets owners are actually hunting her...cos only her who knows and who can contact real buyer...it seems amullets owners hard to find extreme rich buyers...no more demands..and no link to new buyers....their stuff bought already by other millionaires...and seeking millionaires to buy such stuff with high price again is not easy....
Sold or not..the system in this business ia, if 3 tests succeed, first commision below $10thousand dollars. Either it gets sold or not. Its a thank u money only for finding items which success for 3 times. Then if then the item really gets sold, the commision could be 100x times than first commision even could be more until $1000 times...and if could bring morr items...morr more profits...aunty is becoming greedy...she keeps inviting amullets owners non stop..even in mass....hhh and of course aunty will mix the money in buying groceries...halal money from shop, halal money from ex manager, and haram comission money...//




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sister herb
10-26-2013, 01:58 PM
Salam alaykum

That sounds that your friend has to stop immediately any contats to kind of business. In my country has same. Only owners become rich, not workers.

"a network of entrepreneurship"?

10-26-2013, 03:03 PM
Syubhat means causing doubt because it can be halal can be haram, but what her aunty doing is clearly haram. She is selling amulets, isn't she?.

And outside of halal or haram, selling amulets is very risky business because it's full of fraud. But there's always people who interested because its promised profit.

Don't be regret if instead of gain profit she get big loss, and even get trouble if someone feel deceived by the stuff she sold.

There are many halal and safe business which we can choose if we are willing to open our eyes and our mind. I myself a businessman. Alhamdulillah, halal business with profit that enough to fulfill my family needs.

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