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11-21-2013, 05:41 AM

Assalamu alaikum. This brother Abdul Basit Javed Sheikh allegedly tried to go to Syria to fight against the Assad regime but in an "Al-Qaida linked" group and was recruited through a fake Facebook profile run by the FBI or one of its informants. The FBI deliberately targets Muslims who have not said or done anything illegal and then tries to encourage them to do something illegal, and then arrests them for it. I find it deplorable in the way in which the U.S. government is playing politics with Muslims and Syria in that it supports opposing the Assad regime so long as the particular rebel groups chosen are approved by the U.S. but any of the groups not to the government's liking, they designate as "terrorist" or say it is linked to Al-Qaida despite no evidence of such and despite that none of what these groups are doing against Assad even involves the U.S. in the first place.

There is or was a page on Facebook under the name of someone named "Nusaybah" and this is believed to be the fake page Basit was recruited through where supposedly Nusaybah was an American-born sister who converted to Islam and moved to Syria to be a nurse for the soldiers. Here is the link to a brother's page where in the timeline (may have to scroll down awhile) he cites evidence claiming that the FBI purposely targeted Muslims using this fake Nusaybah profile:


I am posting this because:

a) The brother in question is innocent until proven guilty and we as Muslims must seek the truth when one of our brothers or sisters appears to be in trouble and we cannot make assumptions of guilt without evidence.

b) There needs to be awareness that the U.S. and other governments are purposely using deceptive tactics to entrap Muslims rather than investigating and prosecuting real criminals who intend to or already have harmed the innocent. CAIR released a statement awhile back in which the organization feels that these entrapment schemes are unfairly targeting those who have mental illnesses but who are otherwise no harm to society rather than going after real criminals. Here is the link:


c) I also have further evidence of the claims I make here and this information is available upon request. I argue that the FBI and other law enforcement does not just target those who have supported or endorsed or taken some action toward committing illegal activity but that they are actually targeting individuals for entrapment on the sole basis of that the targeted individuals are Muslim even when they have never said or endorsed or done anything illegal.

d) This topic is probably not new news to most of us but it should remain fresh in our minds. Just because we are intelligent, not criminals, and don't mean anybody any harm does not mean we should not be aware of such schemes that target those in our community who may have good intentions but are less intelligent or educated and fall victim to the traps even though they never would have had any intention or even ability to harm innocents on their own. There could be an elderly brother who is senile or a sister who suffers from a disability who is tricked into one of these schemes, having their good name (and face) plastered over the media only to be scapegoated for something they had no knowledge about.

May Allah (swt) protect the ummah, safeguard the deen, and guide us all down the straight path to righteousness. Ameen.

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11-24-2013, 09:45 AM
No word yet from this brother Abdul Basit Javed Sheikh, his family, or his attorneys since the original story came out. A quick Google search will reveal many articles treating him as a "Muslim Terrorist" or stating he "joined Al-Qaeda" even though there is no proof of any of this and clearly he is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. May Allah (swt) give him a fair trial and let justice be served, and if he is innocent of harm may Allah (swt) hasten his release and reward him for his suffering. Ameen. Below is a detailed account of his entrapment posted with permission given from this link:


IMPORTANT NEWS for everybody out there who wants to know who some of the spies and FBI on Facebook are…After looking for much proof and asking many people, the information I have gathered is as follows. Believe me I looked at proof from everywhere because even though I suspected this from the first day I could not say anything because I needed more proof. SubhanAllah, Allah showed us the proof. Bear with me because this is long but please read through it all, ESPECIALLY the brothers out there. After you are done reading it please SHARE it as much as you possibly can to save all the other brothers and sisters out there.

This statement released by FBI and the articles about brother Abdul Basit said the following things:

In August, brother Abdul Basit liked a page, a page which was run by FBI. This page posted ‘extremist’ stuff on purpose to try and trap Muslims out there who use Facebook as a means to get Jihadi knowledge. This page was run by someone who told the public that they were in Syria. Brother Abdul Basit sought out to contact the admin of this page (FBI Informant) and eventually he developed a relationship with her and kept an online friendship. After talking for a while the FBI informant who was the admin of this page told our brother that she knows someone from Jabhat Al Nusrah (a man who the brother called ‘akhi’ in the statement). Brother Abdul Basit trusted this woman and everything she said. He started listening to everything both these people were telling me. He fell into a trap. Notice how it says on the statement that he was helping with medical supplies and logistics. We all know who the person is who is acting like a nurse on Facebook.

He had originally gone to Syria (or at least tried to) before with the help of another brother but only met FSA. This brother cannot be the FBI because he had known Abdul Basit from before August, before he started talking to the FBI. Brother Abdul Basit had told this other brother about many things as they used to be close. But after he started talking to the FBI informant he was told not to trust him anymore. He listened to the FBI informant who we will now call ‘Nusaybah’ because he wanted to marry this spy.
This woman who calls herself Nusaybah Macdonald is known on Facebook for her few accounts and pages (see links below). His intentions for her were pure. He told this to a few people mentioning her name. He used to talk to her a lot on Skype and Facebook and who knows what other site. Many people who had brother Abdul Basit on their list even guessed that there was something going on. I am not mentioning any names here because the people told me to hide their identity so that they can be safe. May Allah keep them safe and reward them for helping me in gathering proof.

I will repeat again that his intentions were right. I know this because from mine and his few conversations, I know how respectful he was towards girls, I’d say he was probably the most respectful brother I have ever talked to, I honestly respected him more than I have ever respected a brother. Every sister who he has talked to agrees to this, he never talked more than what was required and if a conversation did reach private messaging he would apologize a lot for actually inboxing a sister. AllahuAlam.
Other than that nobody in Syria knows this woman who goes by the name commonly known on facebook as Nusaybah, nobody can prove that she is there, she herself cannot prove that she is there, none of us know her real name.

I, being the gullible person that I am told all this to a sister I thought I trusted. Her name is Arianna Khariyyah Abdullah. None of us have proof of her being real either. But we do know that she is from the U.S. She acted like she was very sincere in helping brother Abdul Basit she asked me to make her an admin for the page. Alhamdulillah Allah opened my eyes and I removed her from the list of admins just in time. Believe me she acted very sincere in wanting to help she started posting on my own wall and acted friendly to me. Again I being the stupid person that I am told her many things I told her all my fears and proof of Nusaybah. However, Allah made it a way for me to open my eyes subhanAllah. Once she had gotten all the information I had she started posting things against me on her wall. She called me worse than a spy and a hypocrite. My Allah knows that nothing is worse than a traitor in Islam not a slanderer. As for me slandering, I did not slander I asked Nusaybah for proof myself right to her face, who called me ‘mentally retarded’ when I did so. I repeat I did not slander I asked her for proof many times and she refused to give it and became rude to me, she said I was jealous of her SubhanAllah why would any of us be jealous of her this doesn’t even make sense. When Arianna posted so many things against me I started arguing with her openly on a public post. She became the biggest defender of Nusaybah. The way she defender her is scary. Nobody could trust anybody else that much on Facebook. I wouldn’t even trust my family that much.

Allah knows that a dear brother to me got arrested; I want proof that Nusaybah is real and I declare this openly. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for proof. If Nusaybah says her life is in danger or that she has an arrest warrant on her head, I’d like to tell her that everybody in Syrias’ life is in danger, they all have an arrest warrant on their head. But they still take the chance. Brother Abdul Basit was supposedly very dear to her. If someone was that dear to me I would risk my life and give proof. Allah as my witness if she says she will be raped, if I was in that position I would have still given proof. I would’ve done anything for a brother who wanted to marry me that sincerely and so would every other sister I know of. May the eyes of cowards never sleep.

After all this arguing took place I found out even more proof of Nusaybah being the FBI informant. SubhanAllah, I found out of something that happened 4 years ago. A case in which a few sisters and brothers got arrested. They also got arrested because a brother opened his heart out to Nusaybah, trusting her he told her things he shouldn’t have. The people who got arrested in that case also asked for proof against Nusayabah and she did not give any proof. Again I repeat it is a person’s right to ask for proof if they got arrested. I find nothing wrong in that. We all want our suspicions cleared. This happened 4 years ago people, and this was the only time she was caught. Imagine the number of people who might have been caught in between these years due to her which we might never have heard about.

I also found out this and BROTHER’s read this well, Nusaybah was ‘engaged’ to 9 brothers at the same time. She was playing them. When she was exposed she pretended that she had been killed by a drunk driver. SubhanAllah brothers look at how she is trying to get Muslim men captured. Look at the great lengths FBI go to. After a while when everything was calmed down she came back online on Facebook.

People look at how we are falling for this over and over again since more than 4 years. She needs to be condemned once and for all. She is not deleting her Facebook account. She knows that brothers out there will fall for it again God forbid. We need to expose her brother and sisters, we need to make sure nobody else is trapped and arrested ever again the way my dear brother Abdul Basit was.
My suspicion is that Arianna and Nusaybah are the same person, in my conversation with both of them at the same time I noticed that both of them would never message me or comment together. I would get a comment or message from one and then other after a short while. It was as if the same person was switching accounts or sitting on two different computers. Again I am not the only one who thinks this many people have said this before as well.

AllahuAlam. Ya Allah protect me because I told many things to Arianna. Alhamdulillah I am not living in the West so I can’t get into much trouble from the FBI but still Allah protect me. Brothers and sisters I have left out many things in this post because it is too long already.

These are some of the accounts and pages we must watch out for:

[removed by faithandpeace]

AllahuAlam. May Allah destroy me if I intentionally lied.

Brothers talking to sisters is a fitnah in itself, judge for yourself a mujahidah or so called ‘nurse’ in Syria will not be talking to so many brothers, she will have more faith than that. Brother’s we all know how easy it is for men to fall into traps of women. I beg you not to trust sisters on Facebook. I know of many brothers who are now heads over heals in love with Nusaybah, please brothers use the sense Allah gave you, you are not the only one who thinks that Nusaybah likes you and you only. I appeal to the brothers who are from Pakistan more than any other country. I have seen how all you brothers fall for sisters who say they are reverts. Fear Allah brothers and do not fall for this fitan. Stay away from all women lest you fall into a trap which is working over and over again since the past few years. The FBI know the mindset of our Muslim brothers they are using your soft spot to capture you.


Ya Allah save us all from the spies and help us in exposing them. Ya Allah help our brothers who are sincere in wishing to help the Muslims, keep them away from spies, don’t let them fall into their hands. Ya Allah only you know how our brother must be feeling right now being in jail facing 15 years knowing he got betrayed by the person he trusted the most :’( Help brother Abdul Basit, ya Allah you listen to the prayers of the oppressed and he is being oppressed, help him in every possible way, make this ordeal easy on him and help all our other aseer’s :’( :’( Ya Allah destroy our spies, punish them in this world and the next world. Never let them find happiness. To the spies I’m sure you will read this look at yourselves you khinzeer and dogs. May Allah curse you. No word I say is bad enough for you. Ya Allah you destroyed whole civilizations, destroying a few people is nothing for you, destroy them Allah before the same thing happens to any other brothers.

Ameen ya rab you are the accepter of prayers, accept our prayers.
Jazak Allahu khairan for reading my very long post. I leave it up to you to make up your own mind. Whatever you decide please be careful. Ma’assalaama

11-24-2013, 09:41 PM
Yes, remember that the internet was developed for the US military. It's prime directive is to gather information and Facebook is one of it's tools. All computers have a backdoor for the government to spy on you, even your webcam can be used to see you. Big Brother was not forced on people, it was invited in.

11-25-2013, 08:33 AM
Here is my personal story with this fake sting operation:

On October 10th, 2013 I made a post on an online Islamic discussion board titled "Concerns as a New Muslimah." The contents of the original post and my next reply within the discussion detailed my concerns about lack of proper guidance in the Muslim community for reverts. I gave some examples such as that a variety of Muslims encouraged me to hold beliefs or engage in practices that are considered outside of Islam and that there were issues of racism, poor Islamic etiquette, and lack of leadership within the community that I had been exposed to. I made my points in as humble and non-confrontational a manner as possible and the aim of the discussion was to gather suggestions at obtaining better Islamic guidance and being able to potentially hear other people's stories.

On October 12th, 2013 a user with the screen name "Dhulfiqaar" posted the public reply "I can forward you to a revert sister from America if you like. She also went through what you did, albeit what she said is quite a bit worse." I then received a private message from this brother containing a link to this sister's Facebook profile. The sister happened to be "Nusaybah." Her page seemed interesting and contained the main caption, "Nusaybah reverted to Islam on January 6, 2002. She made Hijrah from America on June 8, 2011 and is now working as a nurse in Syria." Having great concern in my heart for the innocent and righteous in Syria who are being victimized by evil wrongdoers and the uniqueness of an American sister who would go to a conflict zone to help with medical needs, I wanted to approach the situation with an open mind and with the expectation that I would insha'Allah learn some valuable things that would increase my knowledge of Islam and my iman. The problem was that I do not generally use Facebook and did not feel comfortable contacting the sister through that medium.

I replied to the brother indicating that I do not generally use Facebook but would insha'Allah be willing to send her an email and inquired about her email address. He replied indicating that as she is a single woman it would not be appropriate for him to ask her for her personal email but that he did talk to her and that she is willing to talk to me to answer any questions I may have. He then pasted a screen shot image of a Facebook conversation between Nusaybah and Dhulfiqaar yet in this case he went by the name of "Muhammad Uthman Raja." The image indicated that he let her know that a sister wants to talk to her and she indicated willingness to help. At some point during this I also received another private message from him asking if I had spoken with her yet.

Not that I am the most intelligent person around but I am fairly smart and I'm the kind of person who feels that if something that should be simple is made overly complicated or if something appears too good to be true then there may be some suspicion and a need to proceed with caution. My observation of the situation yielded the following findings:

a) "Dhulfiqaar" had limited posting history on the discussion board and no public information on his Facebook page for "Muhammad Uthman Raja."

b) It seemed contradictory that a brother would not want to ask a sister for her email address yet find it acceptable to private message me through the board as well as private message the sister via Facebook.

c) The purpose of the interaction seemed unclear. While it would have been nice and educational to hear from such a sister, while I was asking for guidance and advice in this discussion, I did not see the urgency of talking to this particular person when there were probably many other sisters already registered on the discussion board I posted the topic on who could give constructive advice.

d) If she had a Facebook page and was willing to talk to people privately via Facebook, then it would seem logical that she could have also posted an email address for alternate contact in her profile. She could have also registered to the discussion board and sent a private message to me there or posted publicly in the discussion itself.

e) I then took a review of her public postings and found that she posted so often that it didn't make sense because a nurse typically wouldn't have that much time to be on the internet. The postings went on in a succession at such close intervals that a nurse would not likely have the time or ability to do. The postings tended to be made in daytime U.S. hours which would be nighttime Syria hours. Odd. There were too many public postings of mujahideen fighters and groups in which she claimed to be from ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, AQAP, etc. The photographs seemed to have a "Hollywood" quality to them as if they were professionally taken. There were so many close-ups and items such as weapons, flags, etc. were so strategically placed as to make it appear to be some kind of propaganda. It didn't seem like such people would have the time to set up such backdrops and settings for so many photo shoots nor want to include too many details as to give away their strategic positions and tactics to their enemies' intelligence. Plus, her referencing these groups knowing that many countries have deemed these groups illegal "terrorist" organizations would be effectively risking the attraction of law enforcement to those participating on that profile. And to my knowledge, this kind of content probably violated Facebook's rules yet oddly the page did not appear to be censored by them.

Given those observations, I privately contacted the moderation team of the discussion by reporting "Dhulfiqaar's" private message through the reporting button relating to that post. I did not make assumptions but simply voiced my concerns that this may be some kind of entrapment attempt as this user appeared to be encouraging my involvement with something that may be suspicious but that I could not be sure either way. I asked them to look into the matter to see what their assessment would be on something like this. I did not hear back but by October 16th, 2013 the user "Dhulfiqaar" had been banned from the discussion board. I did not contact Nusaybah and considered the situation at that time resolved.

I mention these details in the hopes of bringing awareness of these potentially illegal entrapment tactics by law enforcement. Here is my assessment of the legalities (but I am not an attorney):

a) I never publicly posted anything that supported, promoted, or condoned illegal activity. Therefore, there was no "probable cause" for me to be investigated by law enforcement nor targeted by undercover agents or informants.

b) The discussion which triggered the involvement of "Dhulfiqaar" was about the Muslim community in America and about proper guidance in Islam. It was about religion, a Constitutionally-protected right in the United States. Since the focus revolved around my engagement in a Constitutionally-protected activity and the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent amendments prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, it would be illegal to discriminate solely on this basis. Since the only topic of my discussion was religion and it did not include promoting, condoning, or supporting illegal activity then I must conclude that the targeting by undercover law enforcement agents or informants was done for no other reason than due to the fact that I am Muslim. That should be grounds then for an investigation into Justice Department violations of Civil Rights and/or a lawsuit.

c) By encouraging me to interact with an individual who would then allegedly encourage me to engage in illegal activity, that essentially means that the undercover law enforcement agent/informant was actually trying to cause me to commit a crime rather than preventing crime.

d) Now that we know that brother Abdul Basit Javed Sheikh was arrested for something very similar (that regretfully appeared to have gone much further than my situation did), it means that the FBI 1) targets individuals on the sole basis of being Muslim--a Constitutionally-protected right, 2) encourages them to involve themselves with what they deem to be "extremism," 3) then encourages them to engage in illegal activity such as agreeing to leave the United States for Syria to fight in a prohibited militant group, and 4) arrests them for attempting to commit the crime that the FBI encouraged them to commit from the very beginning.

This is not "fighting terrorism," nor is it saving any lives. It is at best a waste of Americans' tax dollars and at worst is putting innocent Muslims behind bars over fictional crimes that they never would have even been able to commit in the first place. It brings unjustified negative news publicity to Islam and the Muslim community.

e) It has been brought to my attention that the fake Nusaybah page contained potentially copyrighted photographs. Since the FBI also enforces federal copyright infringement and piracy laws along with terrorism statutes, isn't it hypocritical that the FBI would break laws that they are entrusted to enforce only to catch supposed criminals under a different set of laws that they enforce? If the FBI is going to arrest Abdul Basit Javed Sheikh for "terrorism," then why aren't the FBI agents and informants involved in this operation arrested for copyright infringement and piracy laws?

We all should be outraged by these tactics.

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11-25-2013, 09:07 AM

Hope you and yours are well ukthi.

I'm confused - Is the ^ above story your own experience on IB?

11-25-2013, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by ~Zaria~

Hope you and yours are well ukthi.

I'm confused - Is the ^ above story your own experience on IB?
It is my story, but not from IB. Alhamdullilah I am well! :)

11-25-2013, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by Karl
Yes, remember that the internet was developed for the US military. It's prime directive is to gather information and Facebook is one of it's tools. All computers have a backdoor for the government to spy on you, even your webcam can be used to see you. Big Brother was not forced on people, it was invited in.
And how is any of this "freedom?"

11-25-2013, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Karl
Yes, remember that the internet was developed for the US military. It's prime directive is to gather information and Facebook is one of it's tools. All computers have a backdoor for the government to spy on you, even your webcam can be used to see you. Big Brother was not forced on people, it was invited in.
No, it isn't. The Internet is a combination of a number of data communication technologies developed by different institutions in different places. One such institution being CERN, an institution that the US government has no known way of forcing to comply with it.

12-05-2013, 06:54 AM
Assalamu alaikum everyone.

A concerned sister is running a blog and Facebook page in support of his release from capture:



Abdul Basit Javed Sheikh is our brother in Islam. He is innocent until proven guilty. We need to do what we can with Allah's (swt) help to free our brothers and sisters who are falsely imprisoned or otherwise unjustly captured by the kuffar. May Allah (swt) hasten his release and reward him for his suffering. May Allah (swt) guide us all toward establishing truth and justice. May Allah (swt) help his family, friends, and others close to him have sabr to go through this trial. Ameen.

Last but not least, please do not say things online that have the potential to incriminate you. Do not divulge personal information or jihadist/hijra intentions to people you do not know. It is much easier for most Muslims to make the world a better place when we are not locked away in imprisonment. Allah (swt) knows best.

01-14-2014, 05:14 AM

Brother Abdul Basit's hearing is on the 17th and he needs all our prayers. Please pray for him as much as possible before the 17th comes around.

A message from a brother, who knows brother Abdul Basit:

"Asalaam alaikum brother/sister,

Jazaak Allah khair for making this page for our brother Abdul Basit. I am a friend of his family and trying to help with his release. I really appreciate you making this page to update people about br Abdul Basit. He is currently in the local detention center and has a hearing coming up on the 17th in'shaa'Allah. Please ask the people who liked this page to make duaa for him and his family as they are going through a tough time. I will update you more on the situation if you are able to keep updating the page.

Your brother in Islam"


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