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nour elhoda
11-23-2013, 03:34 PM

We find some people live their whole life disbelieving in the existence of God, or religion , rejecting anything related to the belief of the existence of a supreme power controls the universe; but this turns upside down when a catastrophe befalls them , they cannot stand it , and don't seek refuge or help from other people for being aware that other people are as helpless as themselves , so they unconsciously resort to Unseen power, beyond these helpless creatures , although they don't see it , they feel it deep in their heart and soul.
Instinctively they realize the existence of this power, even if they do not openly and frankly express this.
This happen to patients when their pains intensify, and medicine becomes of no avail. They all return to their lord.
Have you ever asked yourself why these cases happen?? Why do we find everyone who is overcome by a catastrophe or hardship returns to God??
Newspapers reported that the daughter of Joseph Stalin published their notes in which she mentioned how she returned to religion after being brought up as an atheist.
She herself wondered how this happened but there is no wonder because belief rests in every soul. It is an instinctive desire that is implanted in the depth of the pure human soul such as the instinct of hunger and thirst. This pure instinct may be covered temporarily by lusts and the fog of the materialistic desires. But when fears , dangers or adversities shake the soul , it throws off whatever covers it and appears in its pristine form.
Almost all of disbelievers when they undergo a catastrophe, the first word they unconsciously utter is Oh God, as if it was deeply hidden in their hearts and the shock of that disaster awakened it. An example was mentioned in the book "where is Allah" about Joseph Stalin who was an atheist believing that religion is an opiate that should be removed in order to construct an ideal community, and also said
"There is no god and life is material and the religion is a fly which sucks the blood of people"
He is the same person who became so weak during the Second World War, and ordered all the priests to be released from prison to supplicate Allah to bring him victory. The same thing was done by him through his severe disease and trial of death.
Stalin like many other atheists, return to Allah when they discover that all the roads of life are blocked in front of them and there is no way to turn but to the supreme power that controls their fates, only at that point they uncover the instinct belief and admit the existence of Allah .

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Nur Student
11-24-2013, 02:14 AM
One time a soldier fell into a most grave situation in the field of battle and examination, and the round of profit and loss. It was as follows:

The soldier was wounded with two deep and terrible wounds on his right and left sides and behind him stood a huge lion as though waiting to attack him. Before him stood a gallows which was putting to death and annihilating all those he loved. It was awaiting him too. Besides this, he had a long journey before him: he was being exiled. As the unfortunate soldier pondered over his fearsome plight in despair, a kindly person shining with light like Khidr appeared. He said to him: “Do not despair. I shall give you two talismans and teach you them. If you use them properly, the lion will become a docile horse for you, and the gallows will turn into a swing for your pleasure and enjoyment. Also I shall give you two medicines. If you follow the instructions, those two suppurating wounds will be transformed into two sweet-scented flowers called the Rose of Muhammad (PBUH). Also, I shall give you a ticket; with it, you will be able to make a year’s journey in a day as though flying. If you do not believe me, experiment a bit, so that you can see it is true.” The soldier did experiment a bit, and affirmed that it was true. Yes, I, that is, this unfortunate Said, affirm it too. For I experimented and saw it was absolutely true.

Some time later he saw a sly, debauched-looking man, cunning as the Devil, coming from the left bringing with him much ornamented finery, decorated pictures and fantasies, and many intoxicants. He stopped before the soldier, and said:

“Hey, come on, my friend! Let’s go and drink and make merry. We can look at these pictures of beautiful girls, listen to the music, and eat this tasty food.” Then he asked him: “What is it you are reciting under your breath?”
“A talisman,” came the reply.
“Stop that incomprehensible nonsense! Let’s not spoil our present fun!” And he asked a second question: “What is that you have in your hand?”
“Some medicine,” the soldier replied.“Throw it away! You are healthy, there is nothing wrong with you. It is the time of cheer.” And he asked: “What is that piece of paper with five marks on it?”“It is a ticket and a rations card.”“Oh, tear them up!”, the man said. “What need do we have of a journey this beautiful spring?” He tried to persuade him with every sort of wile, and the poor soldier was even a bit persuaded. Yes, man can be deceived. I was deceived by just such cunning deceptions.

Suddenly from the right came a voice like thunder. “Beware!”, it said. “Do not be deceived! Say to that trickster: ‘If you have the means to kill the lion behind me, remove the gallows from before me, repulse the things wounding my right and my left, and prevent the journey in front of me, then come on and do so! Show that you can and let us see it! Then say, come on, let’s go and enjoy ourselves. Otherwise be silent!’ Speak in the same way as that Khidr-like God-inspired man.”

O my soul, which laughed in its youth and now weeps at its laughter! Know that the unfortunate soldier is you, and man. The lion is the appointed hour. As for the gallows, it is death, decline, and separation, through which, in the alternation of night and day, all friends bid farewell and are lost. Of the two wounds, one is man’s infinite and troublesome impotence, while the other is his grievous and boundless poverty. The exile and journey is the long journey of examination which passes from the world of spirits through the womb and childhood to old age; through the world and the grave and the intermediate realm, to the resurrection and the Bridge of Sirat. As for the two talismans, they are belief in Almighty God and the hereafter.

Yes, through the second sacred talisman, death takes on the form of a mastered horse, a steed to take believing man from the prison of this world to the gardens of Paradise and the presence of the Most Merciful One. It is because of this that the wise who have seen death’s reality have loved it. They have wanted it before it came. And through the talisman of belief in God, the passage of time, which is decline and separation, death and decease and the gallows, takes on the form of the means to observe and contemplate with perfect pleasure the miracles of the All-Glorious Maker’s various, multicoloured, ever-renewed embroideries, the wonders of His power, and the manifestations of His mercy. Yes, when mirrors reflecting the colours of the sun’s light are changed and renewed, and the images of the cinema changed, better, more beautiful scenes are formed.

As for the two medicines, one is trusting in God and patience, and the other is relying on the power of one’s Creator and having confidence in His wisdom. Is that the case? Indeed it is. What fear can a man have, who, through the certificate of his impotence, relies on a Monarch of the World with the power to command: “Be!’ and it is.”(1) For in the face of the worst calamity, he says: “Verily, to God do we belong, and verily to Him is our return,”(2) and places his trust in his Most Compassionate Sustainer... ~ Continue reading The Seventh Word.

Dipnot-1 Qur’an, 2:117, etc.

Dipnot-2 Qur’an, 2:156.

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