View Full Version : Should I tell my Muslim Friends that I have Asperger syndrome ?

12-10-2013, 10:57 AM
As Salaam Alaikum my question is I have Asperger syndrome and I have made Muslim Friends at the Mosque I like to be social with other people like everyome does anyway I know on this forum I have said I am trying to learn how to drive Im having other Brothers help me get to Mosque or Events for now anyway I had a Friend once who does in fact drive a car and he has the same issues as ne meaning he has Asperger syndrome but he said many of his Friends don't know he has a disability he seemed to try to hide it from them or keep it a secret anyway he was a Non Muslim and I have not talked to him for years but I was just trying him as an example that I don't want to have the Muslims I know to outkast me or anything but I just want to be honest about myself before I converted to Islam I told the Imam I had Asperger syndrome he said it was not an issue in converting or wanting to be a part of the Muslim Community or Converting to Islam can anyone give me any advice thank you ?



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12-11-2013, 06:08 PM
No, you don't have to tell anyone anything nor is there any reason to be ashamed of one's disability. We learn from Chapter 80 of the Quran that it doesn't make any difference whether a person has any disability. As far as delivering guidance to someone, one shouldn't look at a person's class or physical condition.

The Prophet frowned and turned away
Because there came to him the blind man, [interrupting].
But what would make you perceive, [O Muhammad], that perhaps he might be purified
Or be reminded and the remembrance would benefit him?
As for he who thinks himself without need,
To him you give attention.
And not upon you [is any blame] if he will not be purified.
But as for he who came to you striving [for knowledge]
While he fears [ Allah ],
From him you are distracted.
No! Indeed, these verses are a reminder;
So whoever wills may remember it.

By the way, I think you broke the record for the longest sentence that makes sense.

Alpha Dude
12-11-2013, 07:28 PM
Wa alaykum salam,

I don't think there is any reason to deliberately make your friends aware of your personal problem unless you feel that for some practical reason they would need to know.

On the other side too, there is no reason to feel the need to hide it either. If something comes up in conversation, you shouldn't feel like you can't mention it. If your friends are mature and decent people, they should understand.

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