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View Full Version : The Authenticity of our Conscience, and the Weakness of Evil

01-18-2014, 07:02 PM

If conscience was man-made, why do humans feel mercy? Why do they give up rights, out of forgiveness, mercy and tolerance, even though they could've taken them? Were they seeking others' attention and acknowledgement by doing so? There are people who had given up their rights with no one to thank them, like the man who climbed down a well to bring water to a thirsty dog in the middle of the desert, was he hoping to be thanked by the dog?! He gave it the water and walked away, from whom was he hoping to be acknowledged?

The Artificial Method which was created by Satan is a weak method and can't stand independently, i.e. it doesn’t say: I want be unfair to someone! That's why it covers evil or injustice with virtue and truth because it knows how weak it is and knows how virtues are strong. Thus it borrows from the Natural Method a suitable cover for the artificial idea. Unjust people throughout history had never said: we want injustice! They covered their injustice with peace, greater good etc… . Every wrongdoer has confounded their wrong deed with the apparel of truth, they don’t say: I want to do a wrong deed!

Whoever acts righteously because they love what's right and true can stand tall for what they've done. And whoever confounded falsehood with truth can't remove the truth and meet people with falsehood alone. Even people who fought the prophets had worn the apparel of virtue, and people who call themselves Satanists are wearing the apparel of virtue, like the virtue of freedom and that Satan is confident, brave and rejecting dictatorship etc… .Here we can ask the devil worshippers a question, if they were truly Satan worshippers, are they willing to do whatever is wrong? If any of them is willing to then they should start with themselves and drink poison or kill their all their family and friends! This is what Satan wants!

Some people say that conscience is a bad alarm because it only speaks after we do something wrong. However, the truth of the matter is that it does speak before and during an action, but we don’t listen to it because we are occupied with the event. After the event goes away the voice of conscience becomes clearer and turns into guilt.

When people focus on partial affiliations, you can immediately know that this is the work of the Artificial (evil). Like tribalism or preference of a race over other races. The more fanaticism narrows down the more it gets closer to the Artificial, and prophet Mohammad had said about tribal fanaticism that it's disgusting. Focusing on one partial affiliation means covering it with virtue.

One's weak and limited capacity to feel doesn't mean that one's feeling is originally weak or limited, but due to one's negligence of one's feelings throughout the years one had lost his/her connection with their feelings. The more we neglect the sound of our feelings the more they shrink and lose their shine.

This weak relationship a person has with their feeling is caused by the person's lack of attention given to their feeling throughout the years. Most of what constitute their mind is imported from outside, only a few is taken from their feeling. this means that there are many accumulations that have piled up on one's feeling, so we can't blame the feeling if it doesn’t respond briskly. We can't compare this person with someone who has been raised to respect their feeling since childhood, those accumulations have caused a gap between the feeling and the mind. God said in the Quran : {Those of you who spent and fought before the victory will be higher in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards}. The years you spend respecting your feeling have a very important role in the feeling's response , the person who believed in the prophet when he was weak is better than the one believed in him when he was strong, because the first responds to their feeling quicker and more accurately.

The Artificial (evil) is all about reduction of virtues. A fanatic affiliation to a race, tribe or country is a reduction of the virtue of humanism. Lying which isn't motivated by fear may be a reduction of the virtue of giving, some people just talk without making sure of the truth of what they say, so the original virtue ,which is giving, was deviated and caused dishonesty. You can't motivate a person to do anything with the mind alone, you have to activate the human needs. The devil knows that, he knows that humans will only move when those human needs move. A killer kills with a virtue, a trickster tricks with a virtue, an adulterer commits adultery with a virtue etc… .


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01-19-2014, 09:55 PM
Isn't humanism evil? "Actions speak louder than words" is a good way to ferret out evil. US foreign policy is raving goodness propaganda, but doing evil for example.

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