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03-27-2014, 05:27 PM

I recently read something about "human hair wigs" being haraam on an Islamic website. I'd just like to clarify if that is true here (through any Ayats/Hadith).

More importantly, there are a few organisations that take "donated hair" to make wigs for people suffering from cancer. Human hair is supposed to be really expensive, but good quality as it can be washed & styled normally. Synthetic hair apparently cannot be treated/dyed/styled and doesn't last long either. My own, real hair tend to fall out A LOT. And (although this may sound gross) I started collecting a lot of the good strands in order to donate them. My hair is quite long, and I'm guessing they can even make 2 wigs out of them when I'm able to collect enough (which I will because of the rate of my hair falling out). And it's amazing if people can put this waste to good use.

In light of what I recently read about human hair wigs being "haraam", would it also be haraam for me to donate my hair for this cause? I ask because drinking AND selling alcohol is haraam (to the best of my knowledge). So it would be great if I could find out if donating hair is haraam too - it takes a little while to separate the hair & collect them & stack them together from the roots plus I don't want to do anything haraam.

Thank you! :D

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