View Full Version : my own muslims r doing me dirty

04-17-2014, 12:54 PM
ok this is the thing while back i signed up on these uk based muslim forums which also welcomes outsiders n its more of a commercialized site where they talk more inapporiate.....this is a site name [site name removed]

well the site owner hacked my pc severly difficult for me to do anything to get him out of my system.....ok before u read this do know the thread maker is aware of people with mental problems its just what happen to me is very rare to talk about and its hard to believe so my problem is lookin for solution that is all ...cuzz u know the way im speakin it sounds corny but its true to the fact 100 percent

you know in islamic court they bring a quran for testimony that is if they have faith .....i confronted the site owner million times to leave my system instead he kept banning me and brought every other random member to my desktop .....later i said u know what we can do this really really easy if ur a muslim just say i put my hands on quran that i have nothing to do with it nor i have any kind of knowledge.....he didnt instead he kept mocking me n then later that day he permanently banned my ip so i dont speak a word and cause a drama which i already did but he didnt want me to motivate some other memeber to speak up .......because see its a really big matter i have been hacked for six months .......to look at my activity so when i go on their site they leave like trips and not a single person admits they have anything to do or know about it.....which offcourse few of them know based on my common sense research and since i have been hacked i randomly pick on a member and the site owner while hackin me realizes how dirty this guy is ????

now im sure lot of you are going to say how about you install antivirus, malware, report to police, take it to computer shop, or reinstall ur windows, format my harddrive, turn off your internet,....im more of a remoted hacked but the settings of that iss off n while offline im hacked

you see i have done all of that and that is why i brought it up the hacker is so professional he can hack me while im offline and this not a automated virus because he can respond back to you through mouse cursors meaning moving the mouse......n please dont tell me to change my mouse i have done that n its really common sense i even show the police officer he believed me but he said he cant do anything about it unless theres a fraudlent activity going on. and offcourse its not like these guys are stealing from me. they are just watchin me 24/7 which leds me to that im not anybody big or important so they are def probably using my network for their servers

and after me beggin the hell out of these guys to the site owner and the person is still freedoading off me after causin such a mighty head ache

*****so the question i wanna bring is offcourse these guys r here.....

what is the punishment for this because thesee guys actually follow muslim faith and it seems they r only muslim by name or they think that whatever they r doing is not haram whatsoever or maybe good cause ??????? what good cause???????cuzz it made me cuss even more. ......but let me tell u hackin somebody by force is not islamic ritual..... i want them to know this......because few of the muslim members such as hijabi women knows about this and she instead lies.....instead of tellin me whos the person thats causing all the annoyance he has my whole house hacked looks at my sister actviity .how about somebody look at you without hijab???..........dont get it confused shes not like islamic women more like commercialzed hijabi
basically what im sayin is these guys r punkin me hardcore n its group of them so to them whatever anger i express out sounds funny so this matters is never gonna be solved unless i catch em

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04-17-2014, 01:01 PM
btw hamza asadullah are u here bro he knows that site

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